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rear spoiler

  1. I just got my West Wings Rear Spoiler but having problems attaching it! Need Help!

    Exterior Styling
    I just got my rear wing spoiler from West Wings. They told me it would mount on my rear brake light. When I mock it up it doesn't line up with the light bar. Does anyone have any experience with the rear wing mod? The wing looks great but somethings off on the fit. Do I need to remove the break...
  2. Need help w/ Rear Window Spoiler Removal?

    Exterior Styling
    This maybe an Easy question to answer, which I hope it is... But before I try and pry my rear window spoiler off, could some one give me a few tips to make it easier on myself... Are screws holding it in place or adhesive? Do I need to disconnect the Window Washer and Brake Light? Any info...