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rims and tires

  1. Midwest
    Please help in need of rims and tires for my 05 Dodge Magnum rear wheel drive can anybody point me in a decent price range direction
  2. Performance Talk
    i just got some 20 staggerd rims and tires for my car. and i havent out them on yet. are these good for my car besides the look? school me please
  3. Sell your stuff
    I just traded off my '07 magnum :-( loved that car, but a new baby says otherwise i am wanting to sale the rims Zora Luxury Wheels - 17 months old ZR13 - 964C 20" Chrome Hankook Ventus AS XL - brand new 255/45 R20 Less than 1k miles on the tires - on car for 1 month only these came off a 2007...
  4. Exterior Styling
  5. Introduce Yourself
    hey whats up guys i found this site off google cause i was looking for reviews on Custom Chrome Wheels, Rims & Tires for Sale, Canada – KX Wheels out in BC Canada>> anyone has any feedback on them because i had the worst experience with this company will post details later. Lets just say for...