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roof rack

  1. making the radio antenna curve down

    Audio & Video
    I have a Magnum with the roof rack and a Thule cargo carrier. The cargo carrier can't go on the Magnum because of the rear antenna. The Thule fits fine when I take off the antenna. With my 2008 that means no radio. It also means the antenna connector is exposed to rain/snow. I want to keep...
  2. What roof rack is the best for my Magnum?

    Exterior Styling
    Hello fellow Magnum owners. I have a Magnum with no roof rack and want one. Which one would be the best for functionality and style? 2007 SXT Plasti-dip badge, grille, rims Shaved door rails, badges Cold air intake
  3. Roof rack, rear windshield wiper, stock headlights

    Want to buy
    The title says it all. I'm looking for an original roof rack, not aftermarket. And the auto carwash just ripped off my rear wiper so I need that too. Also some stock headlights to add the Halo mod or if you happen to have a pair for sale with the mod included I'd also be interested. If you...