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  1. Magnum R/T Track Package

    General Magnum Discussion
    I’ve been wanting to get back into the Magnum game, and I’ve found my perspective new toy! Before I pull the trigger I’d love input. Magnum RT with the road and track package with decent mileage, in great condition. Everything still stock. What would you consider a good price for this?
  2. Need some insight!

    Ok, so I've had my r/t now for about 2.5 yrs. when I bought the car, it already had a short ram k&n intake and flowmasters exhaust. I'm finally at a point now where I can spend a little cash to boost performance. so I have a few questions if anybody here wld be able to answer for me. one of...
  3. classicr's Magnum

    classicr's Magnum

  4. classicr's Magnum

    classicr's Magnum

  5. When i step on the gass all you see is a big ol'a$$ :p (florida boy)-1st timer

    Introduce Yourself
    hey fellow mopar heads iv never done a forum before, use to seeing my big bro do it (gear head) and thats what made me start falling in love with cars....well actually getting my magnum made me fall in love with cars....anywho reason im joning a forum is because when it comes to asking questions...
  6. what does the esp/bas light mean?

    General Magnum Discussion
    hey guys. ive had the esp/bas light on for a while now and everywhere i take it no one seems to know what it means. can someone please explain! thanks
  7. Oil light/Check Engine light blinking in 2005 5.7 V8 Magnum

    Introduce Yourself
    I have a custom 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T that I bought from Brooklyn, NY. It is an ex-NYPD Highway Patrol car and now has 113,000 miles on it (it had 94,000 when I bought it in 2011). When I bought the car, the Check Engine light was on. I can't recall the actual code, but it was indicating an...
  8. Hello. Seen this sight a lot. Gimme some ideas? Thanks

    Introduce Yourself
    I have had 2 magnums so far. First one was an 06 SE 2.7 Magnum in which i had for a year. All i did to it was a sound system. I later traded that 06 for an 05 R/T which i am much happier with, i plan to do some work, and thought i would observe everyone elses work to get some ideas. I'm thinking...
  9. Climate Control Issues

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello, I went a road trip this weekend and got to spend some quality time in my car (2005 R/T). I noticed something concerning my dual climate control. It really does what it wants. What I mean by this is; when I turn the tempature up, it will be hot a little bit but will then get colder...
  10. WTB: Stock R/T 18" Rims (Canada)

    Want to buy
    Hey peeps, I am looking for a set of good condition R/T style 18" rims locally in Ontario (GTA + 150km radius). I would prefer to find some with tires, but without is ok as well. Price would be dependent on condition, but I'm thinking $1000 or less. Note: RWD only. Inbox me if you have...
  11. 22x10 GFG Trento 5s FOR SALE...... $1700 OBO

    Sell your stuff
    I'm selling my wheels, bc I'm updating the car to a new look. They're 22x10 GFG Trento 5s powder coated black with Pirelli Scorpion tires (265/35/22 in front, 295/30/22 in rear) Wheels are in good condition with only a few minor blemishes in the paint from normal wear and the tires have about...
  12. F/S: 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T

    Sell your stuff
    Hate to sell this thing, but here are the specs: 2006 R/T - 5.7L HEMI (with MDS) Has factory hidden hitch and Nivomat Rear Shocks. New tires and wheels (20 inch Factory Repros with Yokohama Parada Spec X tires) with a Discount Tire Warranty. Wheels Locks included. Also comes with an...
  13. My Magnum R/T Build- WARNING- Dail-Up Killer !!!!

    General Magnum Discussion
    This is a record of my Magnum from right after I bought her til current & will go to completion. Since it seems we dont have just a board for rides/ post your rides/ builds/ etc... I'll just post it here. Plus, since just about everything will be modded, it'd be crazy to have 10 threads in 10...
  14. Passanger Window didn't work till fuse pulled and put back in (fuse fine)

    Interior Styling
    Just looking for some reassurance here. One morning the MYGIG system won't come on for a brief period and the front passenger window control did not work (window control not locked) even though the door locking control on the door itself worked. So it was a very localized issue despite the MYGIG...
  15. Alloy Rim - how to tell which kind?

    Exterior Styling
    Is there a way to tell the type of alloy rims I have on my 2008 R/T ? I was told it was important to know the TYPE of alloy rims as I may need to polish them, or at least, polish them more often maybe? The 20inch rims I have are part of the R/T package the original owner bought, or so I was...
  16. Hello from Central Illinois!!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys I just bought my 05 rt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is so much fun to drive, and I cannot wait to start the mods! First up I think will be new head unit and install the sub and amp I already have. So if anyone is interested I have the REC 6 disc nav for sale!
  17. Anyone around the DC area?

    South East
    ok so I see all these people on this site that work on projects together, help each other out and put together some really wicked! My problem is all the people I talk with are out in Cali. Im looking for some legit people in the area that share the common interest of making their Mags look...
  18. Help.

    General Magnum Discussion
    I saw an "R/T" shifter cover and or replacement on this site. Ive noticed my "N" and "D" are sctratched and mysteriously my son has no idea how that happened. Any info on a remedy to fix this flaw would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!
  19. WTB: CAI for a 5.7, Nav Bezel, Mesh upper and lower grille, Bassform for 07 R/T

    Want to buy
    Ok, the title says what I'm after. Cold air intake for an 07 R/T, I'm open to whatever for the right price. I'm looking for a Nav bezel as I'm putting in a double DIN unit I'm looking for a black mesh grille, upper and lower I'd be open to buying a bassform or stealthbox. Thanks guys...
  20. R/T exhaust/ rear bumper/tail lights/front bumper

    Want to buy
    Looking for the R/T exhaust and rear bumper. the bumper can either be dark blue (from the 2005 SXT) or black. Same with the front bumper (SXT or R/T) Tail lights, stock for dirt cheap or aftermarket Front cowl for 2005 magnum sxt Thank you for any help!!!