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shift knob

  1. cheap mod

    Interior Styling
    just found a dirty old baseball laying around, decided to put it to use!
  2. LX Parts Garage Sale

    Sell your stuff
    This stuff needs to go away and stop taking up room in my house. I am located in Phoenix, AZ. I prefer local pickup on all the large items. The small stuff can be shipped. Prices do not include shipping! Stock Leather Knob w/ silver Neffy Wrap - SOLD Vintage Stainless Ball-Bearing Shift Knob...
  3. Picked Up a New Shift Knob at SpringFest

    General Magnum Discussion
    I talked with the guys over at the Drake/California Classics at SpringFest and picked up one of these. Then I wrapped the grips with Neffy to match the rest of my interior... What do you think guys nice piece eh? Its exactly what I've been looking for.