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  1. Audio & Video
    Anyone else not getting the new Sirius channels from the latest update? I have a 2006 R/T with the REC unit. Sirius just pushed out an update couple weeks back where they added a bunch of new channels. Out of the new channels (55 and 57 for example), I can't get them on my unit. Worked with...
  2. Exterior Styling
    I haven't been able to find any conclusive threads that detail how to remove the roof/Sirius antenna and mine has cracked through the protective plastic shell which is exposing the metal antenna beneath. I've tried simply un-screwing from the base of the mast but I don't see it rising up. I...
  3. Audio & Video
    Any pictures of the placement of the radio? I got the stratus 5. Just looking for mounting options now. I have it in the car. I just didn't tuck the wire in yet until I decide where to mount it. I had a earlier thread on this but am looking for mounting options for the radio piece now. All...
  4. Audio & Video
    Does anyone have pictures of how they ran the antenna wire from the outside to the inside of their magnum? I would like to get a serius radio car kit but not sure if the ant. wire is a pain to run? NEED HELP
  5. General Magnum Discussion
    I have an 05 R/T with satelite radio. I got the car in 2007 with 40,000miles. Shortly after I got it I realized that the satelite radio sounded really funny. It was very hollow and tinny sounding, with no bass, and the music sounded like it had reverb in it. Well I called sirius and they said it...
1-5 of 5 Results