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  1. Pepboys crazy.....

    Suspension Forum
    so I just hit the 100k mark so i took my car in to get checked out . I been having the famous front end noise so i took it in .... after a 3 hour wait and a 35 fee for looking at my car I was told the following ..... I need front and rear struts and shocks , the front need inner and outer tie...
  2. Trade Eibach lower springs for stock, FREE.

    Suspension Forum
    Hello guys. My magnum (2005 SE) is currently sitting on either 1.75 or 2 inch Eibach lowering springs. It looks awesome, but as it is my daily driver and as we all know the car is pretty long, going into certain driveways is a real pain in the butt. That being said, is anyone interested in...
  3. Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Spring (4)

    Sell your stuff
    Alright i'm back, this time to sell my Eibach Pro-kit Lowering Springs. This is a set of 4. As you would get them from Eibach if you ordered them. Eibach charges $368.10 for them brand-new. These have been on the car for about a year or two. Normal wear is on them but they do have the...
  4. Eibach Sportlines WITH Bilstein Shocks and R/T Rears - Summers Close SLAMIN TIME!!

    Sell your stuff
    I will be picking up my Air Ride next week. So in about a week or two I will have my Eibach Sportlines for sale. About 10,000 miles on these. So they are all ready settled down. Lowers it about 2" front and back. $200.00 Part Number: EB4.7328 Or you can just buy the full set up, The above...
  5. No Mopar Springs for the 2.7?

    Suspension Forum
    Hi guys, I'd like to lower my ride a little, but still keep it "stock" (due to strict safety/tech inspections) and the Mopar springs seem like a good choice for a moderate drop. The only problem is that there doesn't seem to be a kit specific to the 2.7, and due to the difference in the weight...
  6. package in the mail!!!!

    General Magnum Discussion
    got my new shocks and springs from DropZone today. cant wait to put em on. hopefully tomorrow :omfg:
  7. lowering kit on stock rims?

    Suspension Forum
    i plan on lower my ride but i have stock 18" rims. if anyone could post pics up of lowered magnums on stock rims, that would be great. i just wanna see what it would look like. heres my ride now....
  8. Need help esp from awd guy (robsxt)

    Suspension Forum
    OK everyone, I am FINALLY going to get some new shoes!!! But first I have a few questions and need some favors!! Here we go-- Right now Im sitting on 225/60/18's which sit about 28" high. Wheel wells Front- 31.75 --- Rear 31.50 Gap " " 3.75 --- " " 3.50 1st favor - I...
  9. D2 lowering springs?

    Suspension Forum
    So I have a 06 rt riding on 20s and I want to drop her down and fill the wheel wells up. I'm wanting some advise on lowering spring kits, I found a d2 racing kit that drops right at 2 inches but I am curious to it's quality and what this is going to do to ride quality. I want it low but avoiding...
  10. Affordable lowering options for front end?

    Suspension Forum
    I would like to lower only the front end of my ride. Outside of a lowering kit i was curious if anyone had any other ideas. I am pleased with the stance in the back, but i would like to obtain a meaner look in the front by bringing it down a bit. Any insight would be appreciated.
  11. Questions about lowering my mag

    Suspension Forum
    I have a couple of questions I was hoping a few kind members could answer for me. I am interested in lowering my mag but I have heard a lot of things about it and was hoping someone could give me the straight scoop. Question #1 - What is involved and approximately how much will it cost me to...