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  1. A Reintroduction from the GTA

    Introduce Yourself
    I've been on this forum for over 2 years and today I FINALLY got my 2006 SRT Magnum! So i'm just reintroducing myself now that my car has finally arrived 2 years later...LoL...
  2. Power seat wiring help please!!!!

    Interior Styling
    I just recently bought Chrysler srt8 seats for my mag. I need help wiring them in. I know the passenger seat I just have to run power and ground. But what about the driver side? I didn't have power seats to begin with.
  3. 22x10 GFG Trento 5s FOR SALE...... $1700 OBO

    Sell your stuff
    I'm selling my wheels, bc I'm updating the car to a new look. They're 22x10 GFG Trento 5s powder coated black with Pirelli Scorpion tires (265/35/22 in front, 295/30/22 in rear) Wheels are in good condition with only a few minor blemishes in the paint from normal wear and the tires have about...
  4. SRT8 Cluster Swap Help

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey all, just received my wonderful SRT 8 Cluster from nyrican and i love it. But, i was wondering what issues that any of you have encountered when swapping them. I know the mileage has to be programmed and VIN association is required. Got that. But, is the speedometer off some and if so, how...