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srt bumper

  1. What holds on the real chrome strips on an srt front bumper

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    I bought an srt front bumper for my rt magnum. I got the clips to hold on the grills, but the guy at the dealer doesn't know what holds on the chrome strips that I bought from the actual dealer. Can anyone steer me in the right direction. My bumper is painted and ready to go but I need my strips...
  2. What holds the grill in place??? Anyone??

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    Hi everyone, I have an 06 RT and I bought an SRT front bumper. I got all of the extras needed (or so I thought) I have the 2 grills but I don't know how it's suppose to hold in place. Are there clamps I am suppose to get? The dealer wasn't much help in figuring it out, so I knew to come to you...