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  1. MAGNUM SRT8 RIMS ON HANKOOK TIRES- local sale CA, bay area

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    (before you read, sorry no shipping....local CA, bay area sale please.) up for grabs is a set of oem dodge magnum srt8 forged aluminum rims on hankook evo ventus tires. really nice set of rims, very stong lightweight construction. finished in a gunmetal grey with chrome center caps. they...
  2. Go without TPMS for winter wheels/tires?

    Suspension Forum
    Looks like it will be cheaper to get a set of 18" wheels and winter tires vs. just getting winter tires for these 20" rims... In the interest of saving $$, can I go without the TPMS sensors for these winter wheels? Pros/cons? Will it confuse anything when I put the stock wheels back on in the...
  3. new owner: assume non-stock

    Exterior Styling
    Hey folks, Recently picked up an '07 SRT8 (love it!). I assume the the hoodscoop (non-functional) and the stripes were added by the original owner?? What can you tell me about them (if anything)? From the dealer, or aftermarket? Thanks in advance.
  4. drag racing tips

    Performance Talk
    local speedway has a test & tune night next week (1/4 mile)... new owner here of an '07 SRT8, and thinking about going (haven't staged at a 'christmas tree' for almost 20 years, since my '65 Mustang). ;) won't have $$ for a bit for any upgrades, so looking at this also as a baseline test...
  5. new owner: SRT wheels info and value?

    Suspension Forum
    just picked up an '07 SRT... :cool5: i'd like to eventually run black wheels -- should i look into dipping or powdercoating these, or maybe sell these (if there is a demand) and get new ones? how wide are these 20" SRT rims? is there a market for 'em used, and if so, what do they usually go...
  6. Greetings from Colorado...

    Introduce Yourself
    Just picked up my 2007 SRT8 in Las Vegas and drove 750 miles home to Golden, CO. Car is stunning and super fun! I was lurking around here a bit during my pre-purchase research -- now I'll need to really jump in and see what all there is to learn. A couple of questions off the top: 1) Is there...
  7. SKINN"s AWD SRT Magnum's new owner...

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    Title says it all, I just bought SKINN's AWD "SRT" (that's the VA vanity plate that he got for it) '06 Magnum with 300 SRT front end conversion. I flew all the way from Tucson, AZ to DC and drove it back, over 2300 miles in 3 days... I've been on the LXF (where I saw the for sale ad) since '06...
  8. Looking to buy some lambo doors for my magnum!

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    I'm looking to buy a lambo door kit! Does anyone have one for sale? And is it worth it to put it on my car?
  9. END of an ERA SALE!

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    The SLED has had a good run but all good things must come to an end. I have some SRT parts for sale that you guys might be interested in. I'm rarely ever online so email me at [email protected] or txt to 562-688-1202. Polished Stainless water tank cover $120 shipped 6.1L...
  10. Greetings from XLR8ER in NC

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I am Joe Saldarini in Greensboro, NC. My Magnum is a 2008 SRT-8 fully blacked out except for headlights..... I installed Magna Flows, Ram Air thru the hood scoop, and tuner package. My NC State tag is XTINCT1 Glad to have found this forum. I just installed fully black taillights but...
  11. FOR SALE: 2007 Magnum SRT8 - Steel Blue Metallic - 46k miles - $19,500

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    For sale is my '07 MSRT8 in Steel Blue Metallic. Only 113 were made in this color. I am the second owner and both myself and the original owner were very particular with our cars. He bought this SRT new in early 2007, passed away in early 2010 and his wife sold it to me with 29K on the...
  12. Inaugural SRT Viper GTS-R Race Passes Available for Ohio - August 4

    Meets and Greets
    SRT has generously set aside 15 passes for LX & Beyond Nationals fans that own an SRT. Be one of the first to see the 2013 SRT Viper GTS-R return to American Le Mans Series (ALMS) Competition at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio on Saturday, August 4. No more than 30 days ago to...
  13. Anybody in the Columbus area? Or knows who's SRT Maggie this was?

    There's a SRT Magnum on sale in Columbus, OH that I'm thinking of buying, but I live all the way up in Toronto, Canada so I was wondering if anybody local could possible check it out to see if it's worth it. Or if somebody knows who it belonged to I could get a bit of history from them. The...
  14. Anybody in Greenville?

    South East
    I spotted this Magnum and was wondering if anybody was close to here and could check it out? I live up in Canada and was thinking of working something out because it's hard finding the SRT's up here. I left a link of the listing...
  15. WTB SRT Magnum

    Anybody know of any SRT Magnums for sale in Ontario?
  16. Chrysler srt8 front and rear seats.

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    Excellent condition... 1500 obo. Rears are retro fitted to magnum. I can send pics through email
  17. Eibach Sportlines WITH Bilstein Shocks and R/T Rears - Summers Close SLAMIN TIME!!

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    I will be picking up my Air Ride next week. So in about a week or two I will have my Eibach Sportlines for sale. About 10,000 miles on these. So they are all ready settled down. Lowers it about 2" front and back. $200.00 Part Number: EB4.7328 Or you can just buy the full set up, The above...
  18. Hello from Richmond, VA

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I've had my baby (2006 Black MSRT) since June 2008 and have never looked back. The shine has not worn off the penny over the last 2 1/2 years as I still find myself stopping to stare at her almost every day! Best car decision I ever made. Since joining this forum, I've had the...
  19. WTT 20 Inch dodge challenger srt8 wheels

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    wanting to trade a set of silver 20 inch dodge challenger srt8 wheels for a set of chrysler srt8 wheels in machined finish..rims only and can be factory reproduction as well.if you live in texas can meet you half way can send me a text if interested at 214 718 8633 wheels are in very good...
  20. 0 to 300 in 2.3 seconds!

    Track Stories
    Well, it looks like I found a bit of excitement in the D.C. metro this past weekend and I figured I would share. I was on my way up I-95 from VA to see a friend of mine I haven't seen in years. I just crossed over the Wilson Bridge and noticed a 300C SRT8 pulled up on my rear after dipping in...