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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone! I’m a new Magnum SRT-8 owner in SoCal. Found this forum via Google and looking forward to learning how to have a great experience with my new whip from everyone here. Thanks in advance and I’ll see you guys around!
  2. Magnum SRT8 Wheels

    My 2006 Magnum SRT8 wheels.
  3. Magnum SRT8 Wheels

    My 2006 Magnum SRT8 wheels.
  4. Magnum SRT8 Wheels

    My 2006 Magnum SRT8 wheels.
  5. Magnum SRT8 Wheels

    My 2006 Magnum SRT8 wheels.
  6. Magnum SRT8 Wheels

    My 2006 Magnum SRT8 wheels.
  7. Sell your stuff
    (before you read, sorry no shipping....local CA, bay area sale please.) up for grabs is a set of oem dodge magnum srt8 forged aluminum rims on hankook evo ventus tires. really nice set of rims, very stong lightweight construction. finished in a gunmetal grey with chrome center caps. they...
  8. General Magnum Discussion
    '07 SRT8. wow, these 6.1s are really packed in there, eh? pulled the lower plastic engine splash guard and it appears leak may be coming from the lower radiator hose at the motor. anybody ever replaced this? it is tight in there, and a quick & dirty google search made it sound like the block...
  9. General Magnum Discussion
    2 questions for the experts: 1) is anyone aware of snow/winter tires for 245/45/20 other than the pirelli scorpions and the bridgestone blizzaks? each of those are ~$300 a pop (ouch!) 2) i've heard conflicting info about whether i could "downsize" my wheels (i.e. get a cheap set for some...
  10. General Magnum Discussion
    recently bought an '07 SRT8, and had a quick post-sale "inspection" today... is it true that you have to replace the rotors with the pads each brake job? never heard of that before... tech said that it looks like the last time brakes were done just the pads were replaced. guess that means you...
  11. General Magnum Discussion
    Owner of a silver 2006 Mag R/T stock, 71K miles with Boston Audio/Luggage Rack/Heated leather seats/Dash mounted Nav (not in the center console.) She runs fine but has issues with the worst being rust from being in New York (I live in Texas) formed under the luggage rack and right rear part of...
  12. Sell your stuff
    I am selling my 2006 dodge magnum. It has a full front Chrysler 300 srt8 conversion. All ok parts were used. The interior is all also swapped out to the 2008 Chrysler 300 srt8.
  13. General Magnum Discussion
    Man why does it feel we are always left out!! I order a hood on ebay that said 08, Dont these MF now its not the same as a 05-07 WTF...SO if you have a 08 hood aftermarket show it please and where you got it. i will settle for a oem 08 srt hood as well.
  14. The Q&A Forum
    My SRT8 has the Flowmaster exhaust system on it. A quick glance on the Flowmaster website indicates that there most likely is only one exhaust system available for the SRT8. I purchased it this way. By the sound of it, it has a pretty aggressive tone which is pretty cool. However, at certain...
  15. V8's
    When I bought my MSRT8, it already had a 3 inch Magnaflow exhaust kit, a Volant CAI, and a Trufiber ducted hood. Will my factory ECM modify its settings to take advantage of the increased air flow or do i need a tuner? I am happy with the way it runs now but want to make sure that I am...
  16. Introduce Yourself
    I'm definitely a forum novice, so finally getting with it. Bought my '06 SRT8 newand continue to enjoy it. It's my daily driver with nearly 80k on it. Have a growing list of performance mods (otherwiselooks pretty stock) and am looking forward to learning from and sharingexperiences with the...
  17. Sell your stuff
    For Sale is my 2006 Full Custom Dodge Magnum SRT8. 64k Miles The Magnum has the 6.1 Hemi. It has Vortech Supercharger, Magnaflow Longtube Headers and Exaust, custom interior( Red Headliner), 22" staggered Wheels with Perelli's, Blacked out HID Head Lights and LED Tailights. Navigaton all Power...
  18. Sell your stuff
    Its time... Sniff sniff... 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT-8 Inferno Red w/ 76K miles HUGE list of receipts for parts, including a fresh rebuilt motor (3500 miles on motor) Original motor spun the #8 rod bearing, no idea why, i am the second owner and only put 30K miles on the car in almost 3 1/2...
1-18 of 42 Results