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  1. 22" staggered giovanna kilis for sale or trade

    Sell your stuff
    whats up guys, I got a set of Giovanna kilis with machined faces and black..fronts are 22x9 with 265/35/22 tires and rears are 22x10.5 with 295/30/22 tires lug pattern is 5x115 got like 85% thread on them only used for one season..they got slight scuffing on the faces of 2 rims but...
  2. KMC Nova 22x9/ 22x11 staggered CHROME with Cooper Zeon tires 265/35 295/30 $1700 WV

    Sell your stuff
    letting my Novas go, after maybe 3000 miles. Traded the Magnum in (mistake) on a 2010 Challenger. didnt like the lack of room, traded it off for a new 2011 Nitro (oh well) and the gang at MOPAR didnt decide to keep a 5x115 pattern on that ride, so these don't fit anything I have. always kept...
  3. Tire Size??????

    General Magnum Discussion
    ok, so as some of you know i just purchased Staggered 22" viper repros, so 9" front and 10" rear. I am wondering what tire sizes people are running???? I was thinking 265/35/22 front, and 295/35/22 rear... this is my daily driver btw. Lots of people seem to have 295/30/22 rear... Im not positive...
  4. Keep Chrome 24's or Staggered 22" Gloss Black Vipers

    Suspension Forum
    I think i may be more indecisive than fam (just don't have the bread to act on it), but I again need you guys opinions on shoes. When I first thought of getting rims, I almost bought 22" staggered Black gloss Vipers from someone on LX, but all my boy's kept telling me that the black wouldn't...