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steering wheel

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    I was hoping if anyone here could clarify wether or not the NRG Short hub for Domestic vehicles works on dodge magnums? It says it will fit "All Dodge Neon (will fit SRT-4 but will need spacer)" it also says it will fit "All Dodge Viper". Here is a link to the website for the item...
  2. The Q&A Forum
    It just started happening - when turning the steering wheel it binds up every half turn. It feels like no power steering for just a few degrees. It is consistently when the wheel is 90 degrees either way and then every half turn from there. Normal highway driving is fine, just at...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    I want to upgrade my steering wheel. But i don't want that bulky look of the airbag. Would like to go with a momo or a grant, but not sure if possible with airbag. I'm sure someone has done this, would like to know if possible and how difficult this will be. Thanks. Any info would be a huge help.