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  1. Audio & Video
    so i have a 2005 sxt with a boston audio stereo...the cd player does not work too good and there is no aux input, i went to walmart and bought one...hooked it all up and nothing happens...i have seen a guide on here but i dont know much about wiring and whatnot, i see all this talk about canbus...
  2. Sell your stuff
    These rims came as a dealer upgrade on my previous 2005 Magnum SXT. They are 17" chrome wheels. Tires have some life, but I wouldn't recommend keeping them on for too long. The current tires are Goodyear Integrity 215/65/17. Asking $300 obo + shipping. It will cost $20 for a local shop to...
  3. Want to Trade
    I have 2 sets of headlights. I have stock headlights and a set of halo headlights. I'm looking to trade for some oracle headlights. If interested just pm me
  4. Sell your stuff
    I have a set of stock chrome 17" wheels off of my 2005 SXT. Looking to trade or sell. Make an offer. I am located in 33813. We can possibly meet up if it seems feasible.
  5. Audio & Video
    I have the stock Nav with VES(video entertainment system) but don't have the monitors in the headrests. Does anyone one know where I can find the stock ones that would normally come from the factory. I looked on the dodgeparts website and they didn't have them and I can't seem to find them...
  6. Suspension Forum
    i plan on lower my ride but i have stock 18" rims. if anyone could post pics up of lowered magnums on stock rims, that would be great. i just wanna see what it would look like. heres my ride now....
  7. Introduce Yourself
    So basiclly i want to upgrade all of my stock speakers in the car. i have a new pioneer headunit and it sounds great but when i turn the bass up it overpowers the mids and highs because the speakers suck. As of now im running two decent 12" subs in the back and the door speakers perform okay...
  8. Audio & Video
    I've been noticing a lot lately that my stock speakers lose quality when my bass hits. I haven't blown a speaker. It's more like the vibrations from the subs are hitting the speakers wrong and are making them sound fuzzy. I do have the 6 speaker setup, with the 2 on the dash. I'm thinking it's...
  9. Suspension Forum
    I just yanked the 22's so that I could hopefully get em cleaned up and powdercoated here pretty quick so thanks to Taren(aka-05silverhemimag) I'm rolling stockers for a bit... Now, my ? Is, can I use the tpms off my 22's on em, or should I basically buy new ones? Ok, that was the warm up ?, I...
1-9 of 9 Results