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  1. Suspension Forum
    so I just hit the 100k mark so i took my car in to get checked out . I been having the famous front end noise so i took it in .... after a 3 hour wait and a 35 fee for looking at my car I was told the following ..... I need front and rear struts and shocks , the front need inner and outer tie...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    got my new shocks and springs from DropZone today. cant wait to put em on. hopefully tomorrow :omfg:
  3. Suspension Forum
    Greetings. I have an 05 R/T RWD and I need new struts, front and rear. This isnt the time for me to be doing any big mods, so I am just looking for some struts that will give me a good ride (gas-filled?), hopefully better than the original ones since they left alot to be desired, in my opinion...
1-3 of 3 Results