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subwoofer system

  1. Need Subs/Amp Suggestions

    Audio & Video
    I am selling my two 15" kicker cvrs along with the 1200 watt amp soon to a friend and am looking for ideas on an upgrade. i want it to be even louder than the cvrs. going with 2 subs for sure preferably 15" idk just looks better in the back of the mag (will be getting a custom box made). 1 or 2...
  2. Need to sell my 15 inch Kicker and 4000 Watt amp ASAP!!!

    Sell your stuff
    I badly need some christmas money and need to sell my system. This is a 15 inch kicker comp VR in a custom made silver box with a dodge ram in the center in black. The box takes up 1/4 of a magnum trunk space and it is huge so it sounds awesome! Box is handmade and flawless! sub pounds hard and...
  3. GREAT DEAL on Custom Speaker Box For Magnum with 10" MTX Sub

    Sell your stuff
    This is a 10" MTX subwoofer in a custom fit dodge magnum box! This hits so hard it made my mirror fall off. I promise that this little ten pounds so people can hear you coming from a block away. It takes up no storage space and it is placed in the driver's side trunk compartment and comes with...