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  1. Sell your stuff
    Here is my pair of sub enclosures! They are flat black, and could use some touch up on the driver side where white has shown through. I'm not the original owner so idk what brand they may be/if they're hand made. Absolutely NO cracks whatsoever, and they're quite solid, and heavy. $500obo for...
  2. Want to Trade
    I have two fiberglass rear pocket sub enclosures... Wanting to see if anyone has a set of these rims they'd be willing to trade The enclosures go for about $200/ea, so it'd be similar to selling each rim @ $100 ea. Not to mention, it's almost impossible to find both driver and...
  3. Audio & Video
    I have four 12" Subwoofers, specifically MCA 15-PR12S4V2, I also have two amplifiers one is a MCA MC1.500 (500 watt) and the other is a Kicker ZXS1000.1(1000 watt). My question is what is the best way to connect these together and how do I tune the amps. I really dont want to blow any...
  4. Sell your stuff
    Hey Guys, I am selling a couple of items from my maggie. Going to have to sell her and I want someone to enjoy these great items. You are looking at one of a kind 10" Subwoofer Boxes with Two Rockford Fosgate Power Amplifiers and a new recently bought Rockford Fosgate P3 10" inch Woofer...
  5. Sell your stuff
    SOLD - Thanks for looking
  6. Audio & Video
    Is anybody rocking a single RE Audio 15xxx, and if so can you help me out with the dimensions( or give me a hand anyways). Thanks guys. Im kind of a noob with all this.
  7. Audio & Video
    Hey guys. Im looking to purchase a new sub+amp. Im looking at the RE 15" XXX. I know a few people support RE on this site which is great, but im looking for a few amp suggestions, and if i would need a separate battery, or even a new alt? Any info would be killer. Thanks everyone.
  8. Audio & Video
    I am selling my two 15" kicker cvrs along with the 1200 watt amp soon to a friend and am looking for ideas on an upgrade. i want it to be even louder than the cvrs. going with 2 subs for sure preferably 15" idk just looks better in the back of the mag (will be getting a custom box made). 1 or 2...
  9. General Magnum Discussion
    Hey guys i know a thing or two about audio....but car audio is still fairly new to me. Im looking at 1 RE 18MX, or 1 15MX... im gonna be making my own T-line box. If anybody has 1 of each in their trunk please show me a picture of roughly how much space ill be losing, also will one battery run...
  10. Audio & Video
    I just bought speakers, subs, box, amp, cap, wiring kit, andddd a new deck.... Has anybody mounted a double din in a single din with modding of the bezel? I dont want to dish out 150 bucks for a nav bezel, so im just wondering if anybody out there has a set up like this where they mounted the...
  11. General Magnum Discussion
    Ok, i know this should probably be in audio, but i need help lol. I am installing my subs, and amp....and im wondering how the F**K i hook up the RCA cables to the stock head unit....or if i should use something else that i dont know about???? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  12. Audio & Video
    my mom had some carpet laying around, i put it to good use, matches my car color close enough, i think its awesome.
  13. Audio & Video
    so i just got my system in and it bumps! hard! only issues are rattling( i just need more dynamat) and my rear view mirror. every time i crank the volume the rearview shakes so much i have to adjust the position every 3 seconds. is there anyway to tighten it or fix this?
  14. Audio & Video
    carpeted the box today and wired up the beasts! sounds amazing!!! the first picture is one of my old subs next to one of my new subs. back of box is flush with my backseats: tel me what you think
  15. Audio & Video
    turned out absolutely great! cant wait till my two boston g3 12"s come in by the end of the week. and i have yet to carpet the box so its not completely done.
  16. Introduce Yourself
    Im still in high school and i just payed off my first car. A dodge magnum! i got it last may right after i got my license and ever since i have been modding it. im going with the black and white theme. i think it looks classy and pretty good. tell me what you think. (i painted my hubbies...
  17. Audio & Video
    I have even put thick weather stripping around where the plastic meets the metal and shoved it in every place I can.......Two 15's need to be tamed........
  18. Sell your stuff
    Topic Description and title is pretty cut and dry. I ordered one for a planned Dodge Challenger install. Challenger changed to an SRT8 Magnum, so two were needed. The 30 Day build time killed that as I needed it in two weeks. No fault to Fi, as its good to see their business is picking up...
  19. Sell your stuff
    I badly need some christmas money and need to sell my system. This is a 15 inch kicker comp VR in a custom made silver box with a dodge ram in the center in black. The box takes up 1/4 of a magnum trunk space and it is huge so it sounds awesome! Box is handmade and flawless! sub pounds hard and...
  20. Sell your stuff
    This is a 10" MTX subwoofer in a custom fit dodge magnum box! This hits so hard it made my mirror fall off. I promise that this little ten pounds so people can hear you coming from a block away. It takes up no storage space and it is placed in the driver's side trunk compartment and comes with...
1-20 of 23 Results