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  1. Heat Exchanger Upgrade

    CM, How's it going team? Been a minute but hope everyone is keeping safe. I am in the market for a heat exchanger upgrade for my Kenne Bell and may consider piggybacking these to bring IACTs down a notch. I currently use the provided HE with the KB 3.6L but run into heat soak issues during...
  2. 2006 RT upgrades...Where to start?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello. This is my first post. I have a 2006 RT and I want to start upgrading her. "On the Menu" is Suspension (Lowering Spring and/or KIT), Exhaust (High CATs), Wheels and Tires (20x10's if they fit), and, of course, RWHP (in the form of a Tuner and SuperCharger). My auto mechanical experience...
  3. Wassup from Socal San Deezy! - Want a on!

    Introduce Yourself
    What up all, new to forum but def not new to wrecking ish on purpose to get a better upgraded version of it. Car info in signature....soon to add to it...a new tranny cause I know it........blew my first TRANNY. lol. For real though any recommendation on performance...
  4. wiplsh top mount have you done it?

    Hey guys this is my first post. Looking to see if anyone has done the whiplash top mount as I have.
  5. I'm Looking For A NOS Kit

    Performance Talk
    Whats the major difference between DRY and WET? Advantages and disadvantages? Help!