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  1. New struts/shocks

    Suspension Forum
    My '06 Magnum R/T, 5.7 has basically a stock suspension. My question, what's the best shock/strut replacement a few levels above stock.
  2. Trying to Make my '05 SXT Ride Like an Old-School Cadillac

    Suspension Forum
    Hey guys. My name's Rick and I have a 2005 Magnum SXT, and I'm basically going to be turning it into a show car--working on a competition sub system now, and will be redoing suspension, interior, etc. As far as suspension goes, I really don't know much, so I'm looking for some advice. I'm...
  3. Complete Suspension Refresh

    Suspension Forum
    Hello, I'm currently looking into doing a complete suspension refresh on my 06 R/T RWD Magnum, (Just got a new set of tires on it, with the old set having uneven wear) It has 270k miles on ALL original suspension and its getting kinda sloppy, I'm wondering what would be the best, most cost...
  4. General Questions / Front Suspension

    Suspension Forum
    Hello all, The following is a list of parts I recently ordered (control arms are blown out along with ball joints/TREs) and am curious if anyone has pointers/help/tips for my install this weekend! MONROE 172248 Strut Assembly MOOG K80996 Ball Joint MOOG RK620178 Control Arm Upper MOOG...
  5. BC Racing Coilovers Install

    Suspension Forum
    Hi Guys, I recently purchased the BC Racing Coilover set for a 2007 Dodge Magnum and I have a couple questions. I've already installed the rear suspension and I'm getting a clunking noise on the passenger side when driving. Does anyone know what this could be from? (The rear end is...
  6. New 22" Viper Reps giving me the shakes!

    Suspension Forum
    I recently installed new 22" Viper Reps w/ staggered fit, along with Nitto 420s tires 265/35 front and 295/30 rear. I just got the car out of storage last week and have put a 100 miles or so on the new wheels and tires, torqued the lugs again, but there is this steering wheel shake that is...
  7. strut/Spring Assemblies

    Suspension Forum
    Front pass. strut is going out in my Mag. After messing with the struts in my Jeep XK, I'd like to avoid battling this on my car. Anyone have any leads for a good strut/spring replacement package?
  8. Air ride for sale

    Sell your stuff
    Full UAS kit 1 480c compressor 1 380c compressor (both are 1 oo% duty cycle) 2 three gallon tanks 2 aero sport bags 2 air house 1 bags w/ cups Ashtray switches Less than 2000 miles on the kit since ive owned it. Text me for more info i need this gone this week and i know my fellow magnum...
  9. Suspension kits that don't lower ride height?

    Suspension Forum
    I just moved to the northeast from Florida and I've been told lowered vehicles are horrible in the snow. My Magnum is badly in need of new suspension and I'd love to put an aftermarket kit on, but I can't seem to find one that doesn't lower the car. Is this something I should be worried about...
  10. Knocking while driving :(

    Suspension Forum
    So when there is a vertical change while driving there is a knocking sound. I've read other threads and a bunch of problems come from the suspension bushings. So i decided to try and diagnose if it was bushings and if so which one. I found this one and it is obviously worn and torn. My...
  11. Need help choosing a suspension kit for my mag! Please help!

    General Magnum Discussion
    hey guys, i not to long ago bought an 05 magnum rt. i plan on getting 22" rims in the future but plan on lowering the car first, btw its sitting on the 18" daytonas. attached i have pictures of a charger on 22" rims, the same rims i want for my mag. what direction should i go in when...
  12. Need help with future suspesion choices! Please helpp!

    Suspension Forum
    hey guys, i not to long ago bought an 05 magnum rt. i plan on getting 22" rims in the future but plan on lowering the car first, btw its sitting on the 18" daytonas. attached i have pictures of a charger on 22" rims, the same rims i want for my mag. what direction should i go in when choosing my...
  13. need help?

    General Magnum Discussion
    i have a creeking chirping sound comeing from front driver does it when im at a complete stop and accelerate and turn and when i hit bumps. it has just started this and seems to be geting worse. i do have 24 inch wheels on it. i dont want to here about the size of my rims . i just want...
  14. Looking To Bag The Magnum?!?

    General Magnum Discussion
    I just sold one of my bikes, so i have 4 grand cash. I am wondering what the average cost of bagging my magnum would be. Id love to keep it as cheap as possible, but im wondering what you guys have all paid for the entire kit, and installation. Also stepping up to 22" wheels, so that'll probably...
  15. Upper Control Arm installation

    Suspension Forum
    I must ask yet another question , but does anyone know of a good installation how to of the upper control arms. I found this How To remove and install Upper Control Arms - LX Forums | Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum | SRT8 | Chrysler 300 Forum but wasn't sure if the same applied to the Mags...
  16. High speed vibration problems.

    General Magnum Discussion
    I was boookin it around 100 the other day and my car started to get a nasty vibration. I have stock suspension, 20" Borbet rims. Supposedly they are balanced and aligned. Any ideas? fixes? anyone else have this issue?
  17. 22" wheel issues?

    Exterior Styling
    I have just bought a '06 R/T AWD and want to put it on 22" wheels before I even drive it. However I am not sure if I need spacers or any type of modifications to fit them properly. Question: Has anyone had any issues with 22" wheels or can give me advice if you feel I need it?
  18. Questions about lowering my mag

    Suspension Forum
    I have a couple of questions I was hoping a few kind members could answer for me. I am interested in lowering my mag but I have heard a lot of things about it and was hoping someone could give me the straight scoop. Question #1 - What is involved and approximately how much will it cost me to...