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  1. Swapping an NSG370 6-speed manual transmission into my 3.5L V6 Magnum!

    Huh... It would appear that the forum website software here is friendlier for posting, than the software over at Perhaps I shall continue my build thread over here, then... 20 Mar 2015: At 220,000+ miles on the clock, my Magnum's transmission finally decided to give out. My Magnum...
  2. Engine Swap ??

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey guys any thoughts as far as $$$$ and time involved in doing a Engine and possibly tranny swap from a 2.7L to a 3.6L pentastar v6 .... trying to get the most out of my SE thinking of making it a SE+
  3. SRT8 Cluster Swap Help

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey all, just received my wonderful SRT 8 Cluster from nyrican and i love it. But, i was wondering what issues that any of you have encountered when swapping them. I know the mileage has to be programmed and VIN association is required. Got that. But, is the speedometer off some and if so, how...
  4. My 2.7L

    Performance Talk
    I currently have a stck SE with a 2.7L engine. When i return from my deployment i plan on doing an engine swap to a 3.5L to allow me more options with gaining more power. Does anyone know if this is even possible and if so what are the necessary changes that need to be made to put that engine...
  5. Not a thread......a sweater....hold on here we go.

    Performance Talk
    GEEZE even the title was here we go kind of a melting pot forum. Ive looked around and seen cat back exhaust for my 2.7 for $1000! Other mods also high, I come from the 87-93 mustang era were cat back is 375 and other mods are fairly cheap. Let me crack this pandoras box open. Ive got...