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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    Hello all. Haven't posted on here in quite some time. I'm happy to say I still have my magnum which just turned 106k and going strong. I have however run into a problem today. I found that when getting out of the car (ignition off key out) the radio continues to play after I open the door...
  2. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys, So I have a 2005 Magnum R/T and for a while now I've been wanting to switch out the front end for the more angular more modern front end. So my question is, do I just need to switch out the front end, or the whole hood, front end, front side exterior panels and headlights? If you've...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    I installed my fog lights the other day... the switch is where I have a question. 1. On the back of the original non-fog-switch there were 5 pins while the NEW-fog-switch has 6 pins. What is the 6th pin for because my wiring harness that it plugs into only has 5 terminals utilized? This is...
  4. Interior Styling
    500th post simple mods. Cutouts VID!!!!!!! Ok just going to dive right into it. Nothhing major just simple mods. I did the Blinker mod, and No ESP mod all wired in to a light up switch I started a little paint I was only going to paint one thing but well $h!t happens. Before...
1-4 of 4 Results