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  1. New Member from Seattle

    Introduce Yourself
    Greetings My name is Tyler I'm new to the site. I'm looking to purchase my 1st Dodge Magnum. I'm looking for a 2006 SXT or possibly RT model. I don't know much about them and thats where you come in. I'm asking for any and all suggestions and advice on what to look for any issues or concerns I...
  2. Part Out: 2008 Dodge Magnum SXT + Other Misc Parts CANADA

    Sell your stuff
    So my 2008 Magnum SXT was recently written off, only damage is the rear driver's side quarter panel area and rear bumper. Keeping the car for a future race car project, but looking at selling parts that I won't be using or will be upgrading to SRT parts In no way is this list complete, I'm only...
  3. plz help

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    i have a 06 sxt it will not start the first time i turn the key but it will start the second time i work late at night in a bad part of town im worried one night it just wont start this started to happen after i had a new transmission put in i dont known if that has any thing to do with this...
  4. Timing Belt Changed... now I need advice

    General Magnum Discussion
    Just finished putting on a new timing belt, tensioner, pulley & water pump (Rockauto Gates #TCKWP295D). Its an 06 SXT with 102k on it... no mechanical issues, this was just PM. Took a little longer than some of you have stated but I've got other irons in the fire to deal with also. So, I started...
  5. New exhaust, and it only took a "little" bit of thinking...

    Hey Guys! So after a year of driving my mag with a bone stock exhaust i was really tired of it, not so much the fact it was droning on me, more the fact you couldn't even hear anything! But not any longer! So for the past 2 weeks I've been waiting for all the pieces I've needed to come in, my...
  6. Looking to buy some lambo doors for my magnum!

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    I'm looking to buy a lambo door kit! Does anyone have one for sale? And is it worth it to put it on my car?
  7. Any SXT 3.5L out there pushing 350 hp plus?

    I'm curios to know. If so, what do you have and how much (estimated) did it cost you? I currently have a 2007 SXT 3.5L RWD. I would like to mod it around the 350 hp range. If your out there I'd like to hear fromya! :fingersx:
  8. Need suggestions on rims

    Exterior Styling
    I'm in the market of buying some rims for my SXT. But I'm not sure what brand would look good. I'd like to throw some racing rims and NOT stylish 22 inch rims or anything like that. Any help with brands and size that would look best on a Magnum would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Black Rims on 2005 SXT

    Exterior Styling
    I just got rid of my '05 Ram for an '05 SXT and the first thing I want to do is rims. My Magnum is black so I want to do black rims. I have found some that I like, but I don't know size wise what will fit. I want to do 20's, will they work with a stock SXT? I'm looking at two wheels right now...
  10. Selling my '07 Magnum SXT in St. Louis, Mo.

    Sell your stuff
    Asking $13,995. Vehicle is in fantastic condition with only 44k original miles. Photos and more details at the link below: Cars for Sale: 2007 Dodge Magnum SXT in Saint Louis, MO 63116: Wagon Details - 315482337 - I'll be adding more photos in a week or so. Thanks for checkin'...
  11. 2005 Magnum SXT FOR SALE :( Asking $10,500 eBay. Asking $9,900 for CM

    Sell your stuff
    I am truly going to miss my Mag. But I bought a corvette and my garage just doesn't have room for both...and neither does my bank account. You can check out all the details on Autotrader...
  12. Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) on

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hi, Yesterday morning on the way to work I had the ETC light come on during the drive. Later it came on again flashing and after stopping and restaring it didn't come on again. What causes this to happen and is it critical? Thanks, Jim 07 Silver SXT
  13. 2005 18" Chrome Dodge factory rims

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    These rims are a factory upgrade from Dodge that my dad got back in 2005 off his SXT. I think they only had the original tires on them and then they were swapped out for some 20's. There is still about 10% of that rubber left, but I wouldn't suggest using it too long. The rims look pretty...
  14. Hi, My Name Is...

    Introduce Yourself
    .....JephRoxx, but you can call me J.R. and I am from San Diego, CA. I'm new to; in fact, I'm new to forums in general (insert scared emoticon face here). I finally decided to stop being a lurker and become a member because I find this site very useful, and all the members...
  15. Thoughts!!!!!!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Ok so i bought my first magnum 2 weeks ago2005 SXT 100k $5000 ... Love it, so i just did my tax return. I now have 2000 cash in my pocket.... i was justttttt about to order a set of viper reproductions, when i was checking out my local auction center....2006 magnum SXT with 80,oooKM!!!!.... I've...
  16. New to me 2005 SXT help me make this LOUD!! :)

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    Hey guys...ya im a newbie to the forum, but i am glad its out there. Just bought a 2005 SXT with 100k. I Need to know what i need to make this baby loud!!! I want the most solid muscle sound i can get out of her. Let me know what you think for exhaust,header,intake, etc. Also im looking for some...
  17. Love my 2005 SXT w/3.5

    Introduce Yourself
    Just joined the group as my 2005 SXT 3.5 is creeping up on 100K so I'm getting into some major maintenance and may need advice. So far I have really enjoyed my Magnum and plan to keep it a long time. Had tranny issues early in its life but a new tranny at 35K under warranty seemed to fix it...
  18. What size is the CAI tubing for 3.5l mag?

    Performance Talk
    Hi, i was wondering what size tubing i need to make a homemade CAI? Like if i go to autozone or pepboys to get the pieces myself. What size is the part that hooks up to throttle body or the right tubing size? I dont want to purchase then its too small or something. Thnkx in advance!! :cool30:
  19. Finally got my exhaust done. Flowmaster 44 series sounding Beastly ;-)

    Today i had my stock muffler replaced with Flowmaster Super 44 series, supposedly the most agressive sounding. My exhaust was already modified b4 from when i had the exhaust resonator removed. I have the 3.5l 08 SXT. MAN, i love how she sounding now. She sounding better thn a lot of hemi...
  20. R/T exhaust/ rear bumper/tail lights/front bumper

    Want to buy
    Looking for the R/T exhaust and rear bumper. the bumper can either be dark blue (from the 2005 SXT) or black. Same with the front bumper (SXT or R/T) Tail lights, stock for dirt cheap or aftermarket Front cowl for 2005 magnum sxt Thank you for any help!!!