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  1. Will they fit??? (Another one of these threads!)

    Suspension Forum
    I was looking on craigslist last night and found some rims that are 5-bolt "universal". About 9 inches wide, 22" with tires that are 235/30/22. I'm not as concerned about the bolt pattern as I am the tires. I noticed in the tire guide that the recommended is 255/30/22. First off can someone...
  2. Starr Wheels and Tires package for sell. $1800 OBO

    Sell your stuff
    Starr Wheels and Tires package for sell. $1400 OBO Starr wheels 18x7.5, offset 35, set of four hankook v12 tires. front tires 225/40/18. Back tires 255/35/18. Tires are brand new. On the road for less than a month. There is 90% of the tread still there. Rims will also come with the chrome...
  3. Too wide ?? Offset + spacers.

    Exterior Styling
    Hey, I just got a Sweeeeeeeettt deal on these rims but im wondering if it would become too wide of a stance for Chuck ( my maggy named after the show. ) These are the specs: Size : 20" Width : 8.5" Tires: 255/45/20 Offset : -7 (or ET 7 ) Not sure if positive or Negative Thing is I have to...
  4. WTB: Stock R/T 18" Rims (Canada)

    Want to buy
    Hey peeps, I am looking for a set of good condition R/T style 18" rims locally in Ontario (GTA + 150km radius). I would prefer to find some with tires, but without is ok as well. Price would be dependent on condition, but I'm thinking $1000 or less. Note: RWD only. Inbox me if you have...
  5. 20" Rims and tires

    Sell your stuff
    I just traded off my '07 magnum :-( loved that car, but a new baby says otherwise i am wanting to sale the rims Zora Luxury Wheels - 17 months old ZR13 - 964C 20" Chrome Hankook Ventus AS XL - brand new 255/45 R20 Less than 1k miles on the tires - on car for 1 month only these came off a 2007...
  6. 22"s Arrived!!!!

    Exterior Styling
    After a week of waiting. $250 worth of shipping, and $200 at the door(border fees/duties) later they're here!!! now to go shop around the city for some tires. Anybody know anything good at a decent price range???
  7. Viper wheeels!!!!!

    Exterior Styling
    Hey i know ive seen them throughout the forum, butt im wondering everybodies thoughts on the cheapest way to get a set of 22" black viper rims. most likely repro's, but im not too worried about that. I want satin black viper rims, and i live in canada. Thanks guys.
  8. Thinking About 24's

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello eveyone... Im sure people have posted on this subject before but I have yet to determine what I need.I currently have 22" T.I.S's on but I really want to upgrade to 24's. But my Magnum is my one and only car and well I've heard that is you ride on 24's you need to drive pretty carefully...
  9. Recommend tires for 2007 RT

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello, I need new tires on my 2007 RT. Looks like I need P225/60R18. STS has a great deal on the Falken Ziex ZE-329; is that tire any good? $126 each plus installation & balancing. Maybe I should spend more and get the Pirelli P6 Four Seasons? $148 each plus installation & balancing? I...
  10. Can I get some help!

    Suspension Forum
    Some of you may have seen my post, crying cause I couldn't find some wheels - in my continuous search here is what I have come up with!! The wheel in the middle has a 5 on 114.3 bolt pattern WHAT DO YOU THINK????
  11. Too much may NOT be a good thing!

    Exterior Styling
    I'm spent guys /and gals, Ive been on the search for new wheels for far too long!! My wife is beginning to hate me because all I do is look at wheels on the internet. I'm beginning to hate myself because I am soooo picky. I found the most perfect wheel and the guy at the shop said they would...
  12. 22" wheel issues?

    Exterior Styling
    I have just bought a '06 R/T AWD and want to put it on 22" wheels before I even drive it. However I am not sure if I need spacers or any type of modifications to fit them properly. Question: Has anyone had any issues with 22" wheels or can give me advice if you feel I need it?
  13. Predator Questions

    Performance Talk
    So, as you know, I installed a predator last week... so far I love it! But have a couple questions: It seems that it has turned off my ESP. The dash light is off suggesting that ESP is on, but DAYUM I can burn the tires without even thinking about it!! And I really don't want to fork out a...
  14. Is 255/55/18 as good as it gets?

    Suspension Forum
    I just yanked the 22's so that I could hopefully get em cleaned up and powdercoated here pretty quick so thanks to Taren(aka-05silverhemimag) I'm rolling stockers for a bit... Now, my ? Is, can I use the tpms off my 22's on em, or should I basically buy new ones? Ok, that was the warm up ?, I...
  15. Are all tires created equal?

    General Magnum Discussion
    I have 22" Kumho's on my Mag. Two out of the four has given me nothing but grief by never staying inflated. I have to put air in them about once a week. I've taken them in to be "sealed" around the chrome. I even think they are noisy as hell. I can hear this never-ending hollow-like sound...