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trouble code

  1. ABS Just stopped working and threw some codes.

    General Magnum Discussion
    2005 Dodge Magnum RT. RWD Icy here in Chicagoland. Car's ABS kicked on a bit while going maybe 10mph coming up to a light, then the ABS stopped working. Codes P0703, P2299, U1418 Even after clearing codes and restarting car a few times the ABS and BAS Lights remain on and I don't seem to have...
  2. Need help with DTC trouble code/diagnostic code 1004

    General Magnum Discussion
    The other day my malfunction indicator light came on for no obvious reason. Car still rides, idles, and performs great. I tried to do the key dance to get the trouble code but wouldn't work. So today the light went off by itself. I was gonna take it to Autozone to get them to read the code...
  3. O2 Bypass

    General Magnum Discussion
    I am getting a check engine code for my CATS has anyone done a bypass for the rear cats yet? and if so can someone point me to the right wires to snip and clip. i did it on my truck but it seems they arent sold anymore!! STS TWINS, JBA Headers, X-pipe with high flow cats to the turbos.