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  1. Audio & Video
    Hi all, Finally i got some free time and I was able to installed factory style u-connect. The system is awsome and the installation was very easy (plug and play). Now I just have to program my phone book and I will be done. I recommend this mod to anyone who has not have it. Ski
  2. Audio & Video
    Just recieved the LX harness from MSC. I will be installing factory style u-connect in my 2006 RT. Thanks to BigHurn for the mirror and telematics module. I will post pic of complete mod by the end of the week (hopefully).:beerchug: Ski
  3. Audio & Video
    EDIT: Just recieved package from Bighurb. I got u-connect mirror and Telematics module - Now i need to fabricate the harness and hopefully eveyrthing will work. Thanks Bighurb!!! Helo, I am doing U-coonect upgrade (factory style). I have aquire a mirror with harness with u-connect from one...
1-3 of 3 Results