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  1. Audio & Video
    I am guessing aftermarket is the way to go, but what are your guys' opinions? Taking into account nav, music, screen display, satellite radio, dvd, etc. as well as price. Also, what are the most preferred brands compared to price? Double DIN for sure. I'm sure this topic has been discussed many...
  2. Audio & Video
    I have the stock Nav with VES(video entertainment system) but don't have the monitors in the headrests. Does anyone one know where I can find the stock ones that would normally come from the factory. I looked on the dodgeparts website and they didn't have them and I can't seem to find them...
  3. Sell your stuff
    I have two grey leather 8.8" touch screen headrests with DVD players built in. Both headrests are in perfect condition. The only reason I'm selling them is that I bought Chrysler srt seats and don't want to ruin the look of putting them in. They are power acoustic. Paid 900. Looking for 400...
  4. General Magnum Discussion
    I dont want this to look like spam at all, but i found a documentary today that some of you might have seen. Its called Carts Of Darkness, and i have never seen anything like it. These are a few homeless guys i would actually like to help out. Please watch and let me know your thoughts...
  5. Audio & Video
    Mopar OEM Rear Seat DVD Player 05-07 Part#82209382 What would make the Monitor flash on (4 seconds) and off (4 seconds) it wont stop flashing so i have disconnected it. Does anyone have any ideas.
1-6 of 8 Results