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  1. Vinyl Ideas??

    Exterior Styling
    So im going with the whole white and black theme for my magnum, should i get a black hood, or get black vinyl for my hood, any suggestions on which one or where to get any?? Thank you! :cool30:
  2. Silver Roush hood stripes

    Exterior Styling
    Does anybody have past experience with a vendor for silver Roush hood stripes? I have a black R/T and I am looking at buying a set. But after some brief research I am seeing many different prices from some very different websites.
  3. Challenger R/T hood stripes

    Exterior Styling
    how do you guys feel about the new challenger r/t hood-to-fender style stripes on a mag? did a quick mock up in photoshop but i cant seem to get them to upload. i need to make a few changes but im still not too sure. i think the stripes need to end on the crease of the fender w/ the " R/T" logo...
  4. Vinyl Repair

    Interior Styling
    I tore the vinyl on one of my sub enclosures, anyone have any tricks to help me repair so i don't have to re-wrap this puppy?
  5. $4 eyebrows & not VHT

    Exterior Styling
    So I have an new found obsession with vinyl.....which led to my vinyl eyebrows. I just finished the install and in the dark it looks pretty sweet. I have to wait until daylight to see the true results. Long story short I bought a piece of 12"X2' of black vinyl and made eyebrows with it. I'll...