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  1. Sell your stuff
    The SLED has had a good run but all good things must come to an end. I have some SRT parts for sale that you guys might be interested in. I'm rarely ever online so email me at [email protected] or txt to 562-688-1202. Polished Stainless water tank cover $120 shipped 6.1L...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    hey guys, i not to long ago bought an 05 magnum rt. i plan on getting 22" rims in the future but plan on lowering the car first, btw its sitting on the 18" daytonas. attached i have pictures of a charger on 22" rims, the same rims i want for my mag. what direction should i go in when...
  3. Suspension Forum
    Hey I just bought a Dodge Magnum R / T 2005 (Black) Very nice and standard, and has only driven 38000 miles. It has standard wheels I want someone 22 " (and lower the car too) What should I choose guys? (buget is around 2000 for wheels and tires) However, I have looked at these tyfun...
1-3 of 3 Results