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  1. NOOOOOO.....They hit Maggie.

    General Magnum Discussion
    1:00 p.m. -ish in Detroit. Northbound, sitting at a red light, headed west on a major street. I'm checking my surroundings, mirrors, searching through the usb menu, and back to my surroundings. This is Detroit afterall, they car jack people for 1996 Ford Taursus' let alone Dodge Magnums with...
  2. Halloween hit a trick or treater.

    General Magnum Discussion
    Not really.. but a deer ran out in front of me and hit hit head on my drivers side headlight, swung his rear around and dented my front fender and door. I was alright, but I am very glad that the car is on loan from the bank because.... if it wasnt I most likely wouldnt have had learned the...
  3. Wrecked - Now what ?

    Exterior Styling
    I think i'm going to keep the danko grill, add the danko CAI and shaker insert and install it into the Truefiber RTC hood. any thoughts?