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In September I found my Magnum RT. Bought it to use as my daily driver and keep miles off my'08 Challenger SRT8 I bought last year.

I've wanted both of these cars back when they were both released and I really enjoy both of them now!

The Magnum has been great and I look forward to doing some mods to it.

I had some custom sized distressed flag decals made for it to match the ones on my Challenger.

Added the colored stripe on them to support Military (Green) in my family and also Firefighters/First responders (Red).

Hopefully over the holiday, I'll replace the Headlight housings with the OEM Black background s that I purchased from another owner. Didn't even realize they had side bulbs for the Amber reflectors until I got the replacement housings. My bulbs are burnt out which isn't surprising since they look to be nearly impossible to get to once installed.

Also plan to replace the 6 disc nav radio with a new touchscreen one that'll let me use Waze on it through Android Auto.


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