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Hey guys. Quick question. Im experiencing some crazy problems with my 2006 Dodge Magnum rt awd. 121,000 miles.
Im out of town and i went to the store yesterday and car stuttered and cut off at the light. Started right back up and stuttered but i made it back to hotel. I was thinking it was bad gas because i had filled up earlier that day and drove a hr away from home and i noticed the gas milege was lower than normal.
Anyway, i go out to start the car and it starts right up, press on the gas and it revs up fine. I put it in gear and it cuts off immediately. Try it again and again and same thing. I try and give it some gas while putting it in gear and the same thing happens. The car shuts right off. I use the key trick to pull codes and nothing! Next day i put some heet in thinkin maybe water got in the tank, it didnt help at all. Now im stuck outta town for two days trying to figure it out, hoping and praying its nothing major. Any clues guys of what this could be? Thanks
Also is there a way to pull the tranmission codes without the scanner or will they pop up with the other codes with the key trick? Thanks
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