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06 R/T transfer case

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Anyone have the transfer case break. I pulled out onto the highway the other day, heard a bang and the car wouldn't move anymore. I knew the universal joint was not in the best of shape, hoped that was the issue, although it didn't make enough noise for a broken driveshaft. Crawled under it today and the driveshaft is intact. Am guessing at this point it is the transfer case and hoping it isn't the transmission. Any thoughts?
Thank you!
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So I got the transfer case pulled out on Saturday. Ends up that the splined hub on the output shaft of the transmission that engages into the transfer case has all of the splines stripped off. Any chance anyone out there would have that hub? The tranny I got the t/c off of was out of a 300 with a 3.5. Tranny is different and doesn't have that hub.
How are the splines on the output shaft itself?
I can get you a new one possibly. Not exactly cheap. Probably $300-400 shipped.
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