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06 RT one owner renaissance

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I joined this group back in 2006 when I purchased my RT with 000039 miles on the odometer. I was looking for the best and coolest mods for the Magnum which; at the time, was only in it second year of production. Since then, my RT has worked for a living as a photographers location vehicle for my business, as well as my daily driver for the past 130,000+ miles. It’s been a great ride for many years. Won many a scrap with all sorts of vehicles in the sports car category as well as losing a few including a great one at the line to a Ferrari California in Beverly Hills. That being said; it’s now it’s time to reward this great piece of Mopar engineering with the proper upgrades to the original design 17 years after rolling it off the showroom floor. In 06, the basic 5.7 mods were done. K&N Cold air intake, custom cat-back exhaust, removal of the door strips, original stock badging, etc. In the last couple of years, I have begun to do all the things I couldn’t afford to do back when I purchased my RT. Current modifications include a complete front end rebuild, new shocks, Eibach lowering springs, Eibach sway bars front and back, Mopar strut tower brace, OEM replacement headlight housings and LED headlight and high beam bulbs. A recent acquisition of a set of 2016 20x9 shaker Challenger wheels will be the next addition as soon as I pick tires to go with the new wheels. I’m looking forward to posting the upgrades as they happen.
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