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First post :)

Well I finally bought a Magnum a couple weeks ago!
'06 RT with 205k miles on the chassis.
It's all stock and in need of some serious suspension love.
The PO whacked something with the RF wheel & bent a tie rod & control arm.
The rest of the suspension was pretty much toast due to mileage.

The solution:
16 piece front end rebuild kit from "Suspension Dudes" off Amazon, has upgraded urethane bushings in a few key places.
6 piece rear control arm kit, aluminum arms, non-adjustable with rubber bushings.
And last but not least the Mopar P5155435AD Super Track Suspension Package (shocks & springs).
I'll also ditch the 245/45r20 tires for some 275/40r20's on all four corners.

Parts have been ordered and are already rolling in. I'll post up some before & after pics.
Hopefully I can tackle everything next weekend.

A search on these forums turned up nothing for the STSP kit from Mopar. Is anybody running this setup on a Magnum?
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