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I took $1,500 off the asking price. That number is still negotiable. The car needs to go quickly, or I will be forced to sell it to a local used car dealer.

Before you say it...yes, I realize the Hellcat badge on the grill is a full on lie. The grill needed something, so I threw it on there. It's a 3.5L, but the Hellcat swap was planned, so it's more like wishful thinking.

I don't see anything in the guidelines about "no auctions", and I'm not trying to conduct one here, but the car is listed on eBay where you can view more photos, and read much more about the car. eBay item number 155211317885

I could go on for days pointing out all the upgrades & positive points of the car, but most of that is already outlined in the auction listing...and I'm guessing you have working eyes, the pics tell the story. I am my own worst critic, so instead I will talk about what I feel the car needs, and things I haven't had the time, or ability to do. I know this is NOT how you sell a car, but I want to be transparent.

The most time consuming & physically demanding job that hasn't been completed is the cut & buff. The car has 4-6 coats of clear (depending on the area. It was painted in sections due to space restrictions) so it has plenty of clear coat to cut. The paint shines really well, but I was so worried about getting sags & drips in the vertical surfaces, that the gun was set up too dry in places & created some heavier than normal orange peel on the doors. The rest of the car is fine, not much orange peel to speak of. The bodywork is laser straight too, so black was definitely the right choice.

I intended to completely black out the interior. This process was started, but not finished, so there are parts that are still gray.

As the car was being built, it developed a very slow oil leak that I haven't been able to investigate yet. If I can find the time, I will get under there, see where it's coming from, and possibly repair it.

Other than that it's just little stuff, like I haven't installed the rear wiper arm, the windshield sprayers & stuff like that to make the cut & buff easier...but I have all these parts. Oh, and the airbag recall still needs to be done.

I wish I had time to keep working on the car, but since I don't, I would love to see it go to someone who will continue upgrading it & not just drive the wheels off of it letting it deteriorate. You guys & gals obviously appreciate the Magnum much more than just some random person, so it would be wonderful if one of you were to purchase it. I feel that in it's current state, with plenty of time to find the right buyer, the car could easily fetch 12-15k...fully finished, who knows.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, or request more photos. I'm extremely busy with doctors appointments & things of that nature, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.