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Just wanted to drop this here; life is crazy right now so I don't have pictures to post but the steps are simple.

I tried looking around online and it was almost impossible to (a) find the right part (searching "weatherstrip" even with make and model is like searching for a specific weatherstrip in a pile of weatherstripping) and (b) what to do with the "nuts" that hold the weatherstrip in (depends on the year of Magnum as to whether the "nuts" can even be salvaged).

So regarding (a) I am talking about the hard plastic weatherstrip at the top of the Magnum lift-gate (not trunk; even though it's a trunk; or boot for those across the pond). It's the piece that fits between the top of the lift-gate and the roof of the car. NOT the rubbery stuff that goes AROUND the lift-gate because that is also weatherstrip...

Here's the actual part: 2005-2008 Dodge Magnum Lift-Gate Opening Weatherstrip, Secondary 5112152AD | Mopar One Online <-- URL has the Mopar part # in it at the end
and I could not find it anywhere else; anywhere, except on Mopar Online. Because I was so unsure this was the part (diagrams aren't clear, picture on Mopar looks right but I've been duped before) I ended up buying the part from the Stealer-ship for $100. When you see the part itself it's hard to believe it's over $20 but whatever; live and learn.

Regarding (b) the "nuts" on a 2008 do not screw off like older models. They are just caps with inward pointing "teeth" that grip what appears to be a plastic nub and so the combination of the two are what hold the weatherstrip in place.

So you have to pry them off or pull them off. People have had varying degrees of success not damaging them. I haven't been able to find a part # for them and when I've come close they seem to be "out of stock" or IMO discontinued as I can't find them anywhere. One video I found mentioned replacing them with
9.5mm Hexagonal Thread Cutting Nut 3/8 Hex, 3/16" Stud
from any hardware store. Other sites would mention ACE Hardware, I don't know if that's a Northern or Western thing but in the South we only have Lowes and Home Depot.

I was lucky in that I saved mine. I attribute that to using the same car body tool you use for popping those plastic body fasteners off. You know the ones you have to pop off to remove the entire front end of the car to replace the headlights...

If you wedge that body tool in, pressing firmly on the weatherstrip to get under the nut (since you don't care about the worn strip, better to damage that then the nut) and apply slow, careful prying pressure they do indeed just "pop" off. Then you can take the old weatherstrip out and slip the new one in.

For putting the new weatherstrip in make sure the center nub is the first nub you hang it on, makes it easy to get the other holes. You should be able to push the nut back on with your hand. I saw on other sites people mentioned a "nut driver" but really the nuts should just push right back on with your thumb. If it seems tough it means the nut isn't on the nub square so just adjust and it should just slip right back on.

I replaced the weatherstrip and replaced 16 spark plugs the other day and honestly I was more stressed about this stupid weatherstrip because it is so funky. Hopes this helps other people looking. Without the weatherstrip or it being damaged I thought it made the interior more noisy as the wind was running over the top and getting caught in my dissolved weatherstrip.
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