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There have been a number of posts about aftermarket radio install problems of no audio, here is the reason why. You need either amp bypass module to use the stock amp or run new wires.

From the maintenance manual.

The amplifier receives fused battery current from a fuse in the rear Power Distribution Center (PDC) at all times.
The internal circuitry of the amplifier switches the amplifier ON based upon a CAN bus message that is received
from the radio receiver whenever the radio is turned on. The amplifier receives the sound signal inputs from the left
and right rear outputs of the radio, then sends the amplified speaker outputs for each of those channels to the

In other words, take out the stock radio and the rest of the stereo is disabled. This is the reason that I stay away from "premimum" radio systems if I know that I am going to upgrade the radio. You have to get one of these AMP BYPASS , this will allow you to power the speakers with the new HU. It is item CHYAH. It may or may not be the right item

Here is the companies website peripheral electronics
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