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I'm told that AWD & rear drive Magnums wheels have a different offset spacing.
Is this true. Thanks
I'm going to reply to my own question, because I now have the answer. AWD factory rims have a 6" offset measured from the rear. Non AWD rims have a 5.5" offset. Note the 5.5" rim I used as a comparison was aftermarket, but came off a 2006 charger & reportably had factory offset. I'll send pictures this spring when I take off my winter tires, & put on the wheels with the 5.5" offset. I can say that when I did my comparison that that .5" difference looked much better. The fender still covers the tire, but just barely.
Also, FYI... The winter tires I have on now are brand new 235/65/18 wintercat sst m-s syped & studded on the factory AWD wheels. It's a tight fit, but looks SO much better with a tire that fills up the wheel well. Before this switch, it looked like a monster truck with stock wheels & tires. The closest the tire gets to the inner fender is apx 1/2" but is hasn't rubbed yet & they corner surprisingly well.
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