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Just got back from LACR. It wasn't too crowded. A lot of Mustangs and imports. Arrived around 7pm after dealing with a lot of traffic. Temp was around 80 degrees and there was a strong crosswind. Probably around 20mph with some big gusts at time.I made 5 runs.

My best time was 15.409 @ 89.709. Since LACR is 2000+ feet above sea level, the corrected time would be 14.95 @ 92.40. My best reaction time was .002.

Most of my launches were at around 2500 rpms. All runs were with ESP off. I tried manually shifting at around 4500 RPM, but it made no difference. My best run was my first one and I had forgotton to put the tranny in manual tiptronic mode.

Here is a video of one of the runs. It was a 15.6 run.

Just to give you an idea of what other cars were running, a lot of the 06 Mustangs(they looked stock) were running around mid 15's. A WRX wagon (don't think it was a STI) ran a 15.5. There was a G35 coupe that had a turbo on it running low 14's. And a bunch of honda's/acura's running high 15's, 16's and even an Element running in the low 17's.
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