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The Big 2006 East Coast Meet 'N Greet

When: Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st
Where: Englishtown Raceway in Englishtown, NJ
Who: All 2.7L, 3.5L, 5.7L & 6.1L Magnums, Chargers & 300's (& Jeep SRT-8's)

Join up with hundreds of other LX owners and enthusiasts for this year's 20th Annual MOPAR Atlantic Nationals May 20th and 21st at Old English Township Raceway in Englishtown, New Jersey. Drawing LX owners from as far north as Canada and as far South as Florida, this years event will be nothing less than spectacular. We host dozens of LX events each year but this is the one event for 2006 you won't want to miss. With the awesome support of Englishtown Raceway, we will be provided with our own special parking and partying areas right up close to the action. We will have our own staging lanes for those that want to take their LX's out on this world-class track, along with our own late model MOPAR Muscle bracket in this year's HEMI Shootout! Come out to watch the big event, or better yet take part in it! The last West Coast LX Event this past March saw over 320 cars. Let's show those guys what the East Coast is all about.

Come join HHP in celebrating this great platform of Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. Big East Coast LX Meet participants will be given full access to the HHP parking and event area and entered in dozens of giveaways provided by HHP, our awesome supporting manufacturers and other participating venders. Giveaways will take place all weekend long and participants will meet and interact with attending major manufacturers and representatives that help to make these LX cars even more special. Through our close relationships with contributing manufacturers and sponsors, we will have everything provided for all of you from free lunch for the first 200 entrants to dash plaques, to even more entertainment including our own DJ and MC. Registration carries a reasonable fee (see below) and all registration fees go directly to Englishtown Raceway to help subsidize track costs. We'll have trophies for countless show and race catagories, also. So hurry up and register!

Witness what happens when hundreds of LX owners and enthusiasts come together to share their passion for these vehicles and take part in the making of a new generation in muscle car history. We'll see you May 20th and 21st!

Other events taking place this weekend at Englishtown:
  • Giant 2 Day MOPAR Car Show
  • Saturday Night Burnout Contests
  • Awesome Crate Motor Giveaway
  • Get the Autographs of MOPAR Living Legends
  • Get a Photo of Miss Mopar with your car
  • Check out the MOPAR Survivors
  • Great Nostalgia Race Cars from the 1960's and '70's
  • Classic MOPAR Swap Meet
The schedule of events:

Friday Night:
We know that a lot of you guys will start showing up, as will we. For everyone that wants to get in some Friday Night drag racing under the lights, the track is open. We also want to meet up with everyone for a kick-off celebration at the Ramada Inn, too. We'll post the time for this at a later date.

Saturday & Sunday:
We have our event scheduled from 10am until 5pm both days but you are more than welcome to come out earlier and stay much later. We actually recommend that everyone plans on arriving by 9am or earlier since it will take some time to make it into the track and we need to make sure we have enough parking.

Requirements For Racers:

In order to race, cars must have mufflers and seat belts (draining the coolant is not required) and drivers must wear helmets (full-face Snell-approved for cars under 13.5s in the 1/4 mile). They do rent helmets at the track for three or four dollars so you don't need to go out and buy one if you don't already have one (Hey Dano, got yours?) Also, racers must wear long pants, a shirt with sleeves (t-shirt) and shoes are a must (no flip flops or sandals). You must be at least 17 years old to race but if you are 17, you must have a parent present to sign the waiver.

Admission Prices at Etown:

For pre-registrants, plan on spending $20.00 per day per car with 1 driver to enter the track and take part in our LX Meet 'N Greet. If you would like the race on Saturday the additional cost will be $15.00 and if you would like to participate in the LX Shootout on Sunday, the additional cost is $20.00. All of the costs are listed on the Pre-Registration Form below.

Registration For The Big East Meet:

Register now for our May 20th & 21st event. This guarantees you a parking spot in our pit area along with other goodies, too. To register for our huge May event, first email our planning team at [email protected] with the following information:
  1. Full Name
  2. Screen Name & Forum(s) - if applicable
  3. LX Vehicle Model
  4. # In Party Attending With You
  5. Your City & State
  6. Email Address
In addition to emailing us, registration also involves purchasing your tickets to the main event, too. For Pre-Registration by May 5th, use the following Pre-Registration form. Pre-Registration with Englishtown Raceway gets you discounted admission prices. The only costs to you are the admission fees to Englishtown Raceway and 100% goes straight to the track. Click on the following link:

This Pre-Registration form has been "edited" to help simplify it for our attendees. The unedited form can be found at - we know it's pretty complicated. Admission tickets can also be purchased the day of the events if you miss the pre-registration deadline. We've simplified the registration process as much as possible but it is a two-step process. If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

**Venders require special approval for our event. The vender fee charged by etown is only $60.00 for both days if pre-registered by May 5th. Interested venders, please call Joshua at HHP at 302.894.1115 for more info. Non-approved venders will not be allowed access to our meet.


We have a block of rooms at The Ramada Inn in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Their number is 732-828-6900 and their rate is around $84.50/night w/tax. Just let them know you're coming in for The Big East Coast LX Meet.

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As Registration Continues, we will be constantly updating these lists:

Attending Businesses:

1. High Horse Performance
2. Avon Custom Wheels
3. ....much more coming

Attending Manufacturers:
1. ...we're compiling the
2. list, check back soon!

Supporting Businesses & Manufacturers:
1. this list to be updated soon

**Our supporters have been awesome at providing everything from donations to giveaways in support of these great cars.

Several times each week we will update our attendance lists so you can watch as the numbers grow.

Current Registrants:

After just the first few days of registration...

LX Cars: 32
Participants: 67

If you have not registered yet and plan on attending, do it today. These participant numbers are very important in helping us secure support from our venders and also from Dodge,Chrylser and MOPAR.

So mark your calendar! You won't want to miss this years event. This will be a great weekend for the whole family. All of this info is also listed at and if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

See you there!

Joshua, HHP

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Wow wish I could attend. This event sounds like it is going to be huge. Someone please be sure to take some pics and upload here.

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It's going to be a blast. Not that we're in any competition with our West Coast equivalents but there is a fun little rivalvry on who can make their next event the greatest. The SoCal team just pulled off over 320 cars with the help of Chryslers sponsorship so we're pulling out all of the big guns. With a month and a half to advertise, we're going to get an awesome turnout. I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of guys flying in from around the country, too. Hint, hint. ;)
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