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howdy again guys,

car died on me goin into work, was slowing down to go around a corner, started braking, then halfway through the turn the motor died, went into neutral, got the red lighting bolt and check engine light. after freaking out cause I lost power steering and brakes, I coasted into a parking lot, parked it, turned it off and restarted it.....started up fine. still had the check engine light. made it to work and all the way back home after work, but still had the light. the codes are p061c electronic throttle control level 2 rpm performance problem (not sure what that means) and the p0340 camshaft position sensor malfunction.

I recently replaced the cam sensor when I had a problem with the crank sensor, replaced both a few months back. the crank sensor solved the stutter or hesitation problem I had btw. so not sure if maybe I got a cheap cam sensor and its already shot or that code was a result of another problem with the ETC.

about a week earlier I washed the engine compartment, was very carful, no pressure or anything. used simple green and tried to stay away from the alternator and most of the plug connections. wonder if this may have hurt the throttle body or something?

im at a loss, any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys
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