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It is time !!

The moment has finally arrived. Almost a year late, overcoming many setbacks, success at last !!

Charg-um conversion fenders are now available !!!

This is the key component for those that want to drive a Charg-um. This fender design brings the body lines of the Magnum and the Charger together, to coincide in LX harmony and to make the meanest looking station wagon on the road today !

These fenders are crafted of top quality resins, gel-coat, and fiberglass.
The lamination is incredibly sturdy and rigid, yet lighter than the steel fenders.

Fenders will arrive in a white gel-coat finish.
New hardware components are included for the mounting of the fenders.

These fenders will work with Lambo door setups !!
They will work with any Charger hood !! (SE, R/T, SRT, or aftermarket)
They will work with any Charger fascia !! ( SE, R/T, SRT, or aftermarket)
The inner fender lip can be ground down for those of you running on bags. No more rolled fenders !!

I have taken every step to ensure there is minimal if any alignment issues.
Even so, as with any fiberglass part, final fitment, alignment, and paint will need to be done by a skilled body or paint shop.

Each set of fenders is embossed with a serial number, and has a tracking ID card laminated into the construction.
These components are crucial for my warranty.

Warranty :
If you ever get in an accident, I will replace the damaged fender or fenders with new ones for a 30% discount.

You must send the originals back to me for warranty replacement (I recommend keeping the shipping box).
They must be unaltered (serial number visible) and tracking card in tact.
Replacement pair = $490.00 or $245.00 for one. They will be the same number as your original set.

Price per set is $699.00 + shipping.

They will be built in numerical order of when the deposit is received. If you have to have a certain number you want to be (007, 013, etc), contact me and I will see what I can do about it.

A $100.00 non refundable deposit is required to secure your set of numbered fenders. It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete them and ship them out.
You will be charged the 599.00 balance + shipping charges before they ship.

Paypal deposit to : [email protected]

In addition:

I am still trying to duplicate my vent , once I have this sorted out you will receive a set. They attach via double sided tape that will be applied.
I am putting together the parts list for those that need it.
I will also be making a fiberglass replacement belly pan, it will work with this conversion, and be less expensive than the factory plastic one. I am estimating it to be $115.00 + shipping.

Charg-um #

001. Charg-um (done 3-13-10)
002. Gixx1300r (done 4-13-10) Delivering on 4-23-10
003. in Europe
004. Steve65301 (done 8-27-10)
005. Sharma (done 12-01-10)

Cost evaluation.

006. SKINN (done 3-24-11)
007. arfrce19 ( done 11-25-10)
008. Kopornkc ( in progress )
009. Ladon (deposit received)

Cost evaluation.

011. Demon ( gathering parts )

More info:

My suggestion is that you collect most or all of the necessary larger parts, then get the fenders last. This way you can have the core support painted before you do the conversion.

The list of the parts you will need will change depending on the model you have vs the fascia you will use.
If you are upgrading to an SRT fascia. Due to the brake ducting on the fascia, the inner fender tubs, belly pan, and fog lights are different.
If you have an SRT Magnum, those same parts will not need to be changed.

Larger parts:

Upper radiator support
Conversion fenders

Smaller parts:

Belly pan
Radiator covers
Under hood liner
Fender tubs
Misc plastic parts


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Those are SWEET, but I wanna keep mine ALL stock! Nice to know for someone that may be thinking of this though!

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I'm interested but I already hit you up over on LXF!!! Oh and welcome back!!! Any luck on that parts list yet??

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Very good looking mod. I am wanting to to the same thing I have the same color Magnum. Let me know what it takes. PLEEAASEE!!!!!!!!. You may have gotten this twice. But thats how cool the mod is.......

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cool I have the basics but need to know the smaller parts or could most of the bolts and stuff be carried over from the Mag??

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^^ $599 for the pair with a $100 deposit but contact to get on the list!!
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