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2007 CMOM Hall of Fame!

Here is the list of Custom Magnum of the Month winners!

March 2007 Winner - peybella
Nominees: Peybella, Bigal470

April 2007 Winner - SoCalRT
Nominees: SoCalRT, Bigal470, 05HemiMagnum

May 2007 Winner - Bigal470
Nominees: Bigal470, FF2MOE, Lowriderman3

June 2007 Winner- steve
Nominees: FF2MOE, saleensean, steve

July 2007 Winner - SilverMaggie
Nominees: SilverMaggie, FF2MOE, HemiLover

August 2007 Winner - FF2MOE
Nominees: FF2MOE, HemiLover, jayalbertcars

September 2007 Winner - jayalbertcars
Nominees: Hemilover, jayalbertcars, Lowriderman3

October 2007 Winner - HemiLover
Nominees: Hemilover, MadDad, Magmania

November 2007 Winner - lowriderman3
Nominees: lowriderman3, MadDad, MagWag

December 2007 Winner - Hazman
Nominees: Hazman, MadDad, MagWag

Here are your 2007 Winners!!

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2008 CMOM Hall of Fame!!

January 2008 Winner - MadDad
Nominees: MadDad, Magmania, MagWag

February 2008 Winner - Magmania
Nominees: bubbamagnum, Magmania, MagWag

March 2008 Winner - MagWag
Nominees: Greg095, JRob007, MagWag

April 2008 Winner - Bigal470
Nominees: Bigal470, Greg095, JRob007

May 2008 Winner - GregO95
Nominees: Greg095, JRob007, STLTH WGN

June 2008 Winner - STLTH WGN
Nominees: chance6384, JRob007, STLTH WGN

July 2008 Winner - JRob007
Nominees: JRob007, FloridaRT, Strykker

August 2008 Winner - 1sickmag
Nominees: 1sickmag, FloridaRT, Karlito

September 2008 Winner - Karlito
Nominees: FloridaRT, Karlito, MOL

October 2008 Winner - FloridaRT
Nominees: FloridaRT, gstr6800, jayalbertcars

November 2008 Winner - Giantchief
Nominees: Bay Area Magnum, Giantchief, rwalshphoto

December 2008 Winner - NOTPAID4MSRT8
Nominees: NOTPAID4MSRT8, gomojo31, rwalshphoto

Here are your 2008 Winners!!

I love boobies
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2009 CMOM Hall of Fame!!

January 2009 Winner - Fam0516
Nominees: Fam0516, Gomojo31, Jerkdogg

February 2009 Winner - QuickSilver08
Nominees: QuickSilver08, Gomojo31, Threegpsi

March 2009 Winner - GreenKing
Nominees: GreenKing, 1blkperl, Threegpsi

April 2009 Winner - Threegpsi
Nominees: Threegpsi, Bay Area Magnum, Fireman2118
Sponsored By: Mopar Show Off

May 2009 Winner - Fireman2118
Nominees: Bay Area Magnum, Radglenn, Fireman2118
Sponsored By:

June 2009 Winner - Radglenn
Nominees: Radglenn, Jerkdogg, Steves05RT
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz

July 2009 Winner - Jerkdogg & Steves05RT
Nominees: Jerkdogg, Steves05RT, 4rwheeler
Sponsored By: Karls Kreations

August 2009 Winner - 4rwheeler
Nominees: 4rwheeler, Fade2black, Chutsk10
Sponsored By: Big Bully Intakes

September 2009 Winner - Chutsk10
Nominees: Chutsk10, Prospector, Hemi Wagon
Sponsored By: Advanced Automotive Concepts ~ AAC

October 2009 Winner - Gomojo31
Nominees: Prospector, Gomojo31, GK's Bosslady
Sponsored By: Toomey Customs

November 2009 Winner - Prospector
Nominees: Prospector, Mrs. Paid4R/T, Fade2Black
Sponsored By: Billet Technology

December 2009 Custom Magnum of the Year -

Nominees will be our Custom Magnums of the Month for 2009!!


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Thought I'd help out with the CMOM HOF.

2010 CMOM winners

January 2010. MOL
Nominees fade2black, MOL, RobsSXT

February 2010. RobsSXT
Nominees Fade2bkack, 1blkpearl, robsSXT

March 2010. Fade2black
Nominees Mrs.paid4r/t, nyinstaller, fade2black

April 2010. NYinstaller
Nominees nyinstaller, 1blkpearl, silvermaggie

May 2010. Bookeem
Nominees skizza, bookeem, 1blkpearl

June 2010. 1BLKPEARL
Nominees deaddog, 1blkpearl, Ronald_smail

July 2010. DEADDOG
Nominees skizza, deaddog, mrs.paid4r/t

August 2010. Mrs.Paid4R/T
Nominees. Skizza, concussion, mrs.paid4r/t

September 2010. CONCUSSION
Nominees skizza, concussion, fireman2118

October 2010. SKIZZA
Nominees skizza, the wraith, atrus1212

November 2010. Supreme220
Nominees supreme220, dantheman707, the wraith.

December 2010. Frostbit
Nominees frostbit, the wraith, dantheman707, gangster wagon


Congrats to all winners and nominees

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2011 CMOM Hall of Fame!

January 2011 Winner - CAT3
Nominees: DANtheMAN707, Santi, CAT3
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz

February 2011 Winner - Santi
Nominees: Santi, Fireman2118, Pappa John
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz

March 2011 Winner - Fireman2118
Nominees: Fireman2118, Pappa John, NOTPAID4MSRT8
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz

April 2011 Winner - Pappa John
Nominees: Pappa John, SKINN, Santi
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz

May 2011 Winner - igolo
Nominees: igolo, Magmania, Santi
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz

June 2011 Winner - Demon
Nominees: Demon, SilverMaggie, Santi
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

July 2011 Winner - D-LASH
Nominees: D-LASH, hellsfire, SKINN
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

August 2011 Winner - SKINN
Nominees: SKINN, igolo, Magmania
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

September 2011 Winner - DANtheMAN707
Nominees: JHEMI, Frostbite, DANtheMAN707
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

October 2011 Winner - Waldo
Nominees: Waldo, TX_SRT8_USAF, JHEMI
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

November 2011 Winner - JHEMI
Nominees: Smokin05magnum, JHEMI, hellsfire
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

December 2011 Winner - DirtyPana
Nominees: DirtyPana, Smokin05magnum, gangster wagon
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

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2012 CMOM Hall of Fame!

January 2012 Winner - gangster wagon
Nominees: gangster wagon, Smokin05magnum, Apache Lady
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

February 2012 Winner - Apache Lady
Nominees: jlcolvin, D-LASH, Apache Lady
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

March 2012 Winner - hellsfire
Nominees: hellsfire, shane93nc, gangster wagon
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

April 2012 Winner - Wexy21
Nominees: igolo, Wexy21, shane93nc
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

May 2012 Winner - igolo
Nominees: goodfellazmagnum, whacks, igolo
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

June 2012 Winner - goodfellazmagnum
Nominees: lovelinds, Ghost, goodfellazmagnum
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

July 2012 Winner - Ghost
Nominees: Ghost, Bookeem, Waldo
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

August 2012 Winner - lovelinds
Nominees: lovelinds, Ghost, TI 3VOM
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

September 2012 Winner - TheWraith
Nominees: TheWraith, Ghost, Threegpsi
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

October 2012 Winner - SithLord
Nominees: SithLord, RThearse, Dragon
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

November 2012 Winner - Dragon
Nominees: Dragon, SithLord, Chutsk10
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

December 2012 Winner - el guapo
Nominees: F-5.7, cleary524, el guapo
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

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2013 CMOM Hall of Fame!

January 2013 Winner - Tommy2Gz
Nominees: fireman2118, TI 3VOM, Tommy2Gz
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

February 2013 Winner - NC-SXT
Nominees: cbrociuos, crownmagnum, NC-SXT
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

March 2013 Winner - toostep
Nominees: cleary524, coolvanilla, toostep
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

April 2013 Winner - Necro821
Nominees: cleary524, F-5.7, Necro821
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

May 2013 Winner - cleary525
Nominees: cleary524, emarks, F-5.7
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

June 2013 Winner - coolvanilla
Nominees: coolvanilla, F-5.7, PhoenixR/T
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

July 2013 Winner - PhoenixR/T
Nominees: emarks, F-5.7, PhoenixR/T
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

August 2013 Winner - F-5.7
Nominees: emarks, F-5.7, lvmagnumrt
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

September 2013 Winner - Fireman2118
Nominees: smack, Fireman2118, lvmagnumrt
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

October 2013 Winner - Notpaid4
Nominees: smack, Notpaid4, lvmagnumrt
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

November 2013 Winner - lvmagnumrt
Nominees: Mikelo320, teamosc, lvmanumrt
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

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2014 CMOM Hall of Fame!

January 2014 Winner - crownmagnum
Nominees: smack, Crownmagnum, Mikelo320
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

February 2014 Winner - Robgetsitsold
Nominees: Chutsk10, Robgetsitsold, Mikelo320
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

March 2014 Winner - Mikelo320
Nominees: Spiked_Chef, bigal, Mikelo320
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

April 2014 Winner - eGo
Nominees: eGo, RussianMagnum, bigal
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

May 2014 Winner - Diablo
Nominees: Diablo, RenoMagnum, Brother B
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

June 2014 Winner - Demon
Nominees: Diablo, RenoMagnum, Demon
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,

May 2014 Winner - bigal
Nominees: bigal, Chutsk10, Marc
Sponsored By: 3gcustomz,
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