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Common problems?

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Looking to buy an SRT8 and was wondering if there were any common problems I should look out for. I currently have 2 lincoln Mark VIII's and there are a few common problems to look out for on those, so I ASSume its the same for these cars too. Any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated.
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Common problem? Yeah one that's always on my mind. Its really
Sarge, they experience the same common issues as the rest of the LX platforms, the most popular being front end noises. I would also check carefully for tranny shutter.
Oh yeah, those pesky frequent speeding violations they are pretty common too!
Sarge, they experience the same common issues as the rest of the LX platforms, the most popular being front end noises. I would also check carefully for tranny shutter.
Front end noises being suspension related? I'm a self proclaimed gear head and have done some suspension work in the past like control arms, sway bars, ball joint replacements, etc...

I am a rookie when it comes to anything dodge. This seems like a good site with a lot of info so I have some reading in my future.

I have done some tranny work too (transmission, not the other tranny) so I'm not scared to tear one apart. When should i look for the shudder and whats the best solution for it? Some 90's 4r70W's just need an upgrade to mercon 5 and there fine, but thats a ford thing. I've only had fords and pontiacs so like I said i'm a rookie.
If you let me know what year SRT your are looking at I can go to one of the websites I use at work and look and the recommended maintenance and for any major problems with that year vehicle. The website is Identifix which is and automotive site for techs to use when trying to solve problem vehicles. It has a very large data base but unless you are going to use it everyday it is very expensive just to use once in awhile. Good Luck on your search
Yes I meant suspension related, mostly swaybar end links, tension arms, and swaybar bushings. As far as shutter I'll retract my statement as I think that was more of an issue with the earlier 4sp trannys SRTs have the uber reliable nag1 tranny so you should be fine.
major issue that you would need to be aware of are few and far between....however there are pesky issues that the platform does show:
1. navigation nobs can have a tendancy to break
2. the autostick has a pesky little pin that can leave you in "P" (not so hard to fix)
3. the key fob battery can go dead leaving the car inop until replaced
4. sqeaky dash (maybe)..heard some others complaining about it, but I have no issues
5. loud injectors( sounds like a valve tap, and is more pronounced with a cold air intake)
6. the cost of an oil change and maint.

And the ENZYTE Bob smile that cannot be cured until you see you credit card bill for fuel!
This car is alot of fun, and no more quirky than other performance based autos. You should have a great time and not too many worries with this car. I have had mine for 1.5 years and drove across country 3 times with no issues whatsoever...(although now that i mention it something is gonna happen)!

Good luck
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My 06 SRT has really had only two issues:
1. the lights burnt out in the heater/air condition console and YOU have to change the whole unit, bulbs are not replaceable!
2. Brakes pads on my SRT were changed at around 7,100 miles and the NEW pads from the dealer are "squealing" like crazy! Drives me crazy!
Note: The only complaint I have with my stock SRT is the "lag" between shifts! (I've heard the Dialbo Predator should get rid of that!)

However, my 06 SRT is only driven on PERFECT days; thus I only have 8,200 miles on it now.
Thanks for all the reponses.

imjester77, what part of wv you from? I was born and raised in Parkersburg.
hey you can ask my buddy who is on 29 stumps hes a tanker drives a silver SRT8 challenger im sure hell give ya a ride or even sit on the driver side. i drove that sucker and the only problem i had was it was too damn fast that when i got on my sxt i kept both feet on the gas to get the same rush but it was a major fail!
Funny, I saw that car the other day at the PX. Sweet ride.
Chadly....Just got transferred here in the Coast Guard....Martinsburg area. Parkersburg is almost 5 hrs away...although this summer we ( me and a few friends) will be driving out that way through the national park and towards Michigan. At least that is the plan right now. great driving here through the mountain passes!
I'm hoping someone on here can help me out. I have a 2006 srt8 magnum with 27k miles. My dad bought it new from the dealer. Anyways from day one my dad was not able to fully disable traction control. The dealer said they didn't know. Not an acceptable answer for me but my dad just said ok and excepted it. Now I have the car and it is driving me absolutely nuts. I have tried everything to disable it but nothing works. The only things I can even think of to try at this point is to try a diablo i3 tuner and try and disable it through the tune. The car does say last chime abs vmm 418. Could this ode possibly have something to do with it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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