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Ok... I got a new Android tablet the other day, price was free, because the person couldn't get it to turn on. found out it had a bad charging cord. once charged fully the device works great. it is not a air card device, but it does have wifi capability.

so I was thinking of using it as my car tablet, and chucking the radio into the parts bin. this would require a little work as it is almost as wide as the consul, but I decided to go look at my used parts bin and see what I had available.... and found the remnants of my old car PC that was in my truck..... well It's got a 5 inch touch LCD, two non touch LCD screens, a GPS dongle, Bluetooth mini keyboard with touch pad, and a decent but antiquated system to run it all.

SO heres my thought. either way I will junk the car stereo, I want something with GPS and ability to play my MP3 collection and Wifi so I can grab weather updates and such. point blank neither device has the storage for all my MP3's but both could hold a good chunk with a small upgrade. However that leads me to the need to place 1 to two more amps in the car to run the audio. (i have factory Boston Acustic setup) and well I'll loose pretty much any room under the load floor, if I do that. I dont think I could toss another amp in the spare tire well and keep it cool, I know that I could not fit three in there. I most certinaly could not fit the my car PC in the spare tire well with the current amp and keep it cool. the added benefi of the car PC is that it has a FM receiver, and DVD drive already. It also has battery draw protection that will turn itself off if the voltage drops to the minimum point the car needs to start. I have some spare speakers but still need to replace my drivers side, (all three are rattling) and figure I may throw a set in the hatch so I would up the system to 8 speakers plus the sub (which I still need the weather to cooperate so I can finish glassing the box)

either way I am not building a show vehicle again. that point in my life is past, this is a family cruiser that will just have some personal touches. just looking for some thoughts as I will need to start thinking about grabbing the pieces and parts that I dont have to make this all work.
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