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I have an 08 Magnum with a Viper 5902 alarm system. I'm looking for a Bitwriter with the necessary upgrades to handle this. I found some on ebay for $85+. I'm just hoping for a deal from a fellow mag owner.
If your in So Cal, I'll buy ya a beer :beerchug:.

Why I want it (if you care):
I'm sure most of you can relate; I am a very anal person when it comes to my Mag. I noticed on all the demo videos online that they have different style vehicles (Sedan, Wagon, Truck, Minivan [haha]) that display when it plays the animations. I would like to see a nice wagon with that, and possibly a "windows down" animation rather than a "trunk pop" animation when I roll my windows down. I'm also trying to get fancy and have different AUX buttons perform randoms tasks (stereo mute, under-lights, etc.). If you have a solution for accomplishing minute changes to my alarm with just a serial cable with a laptop, I'm all ears.
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