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Hi guys im fairly new to the LX scene since i got my Magnum RT 3 months ago, being a mopar fan since a few years i jumped into the mods and now i just got onto the diablosport predator, many people are complaining about the 93 oct CAI performance tune that comes with the predator...heres my experience.

My Mods: K&N CAI mated to a spectek cone filter (longest one), muffler suitcase delete, 180 tstat and diablosport predator 93 oct CAI modified tune

1: the 91 oct seems fine, but if you can get 93 octane go for the 93 CAI performance tune

2 Many people state that the 93 oct cai tune will cause knock and actually decrease power.....and in my case it was true

using the predator data view function i logged a few passes i made and i actually saw that i was getting -4 knock retard despite this, the car seemed very after adjusting a few parameters i found myself adding 3 % more fuel to the entire rpm range and i got in return .....0 knock retard and the sound of squealing tires that were not present before (atleast not that long) the car feels alot more powerfull, yes much more than the 91 cai tune so you guys with the predator go ahead log and add some fuel there...theres some power to be discovered there

other cool feature you should enable is the transmission shift stiffness it gives the car a great performance sensation when shifting gears.....
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