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Okay, so a little back story...
Bought used 2007 magnum 2.7 rwd back in 2020.
From the beginning I've had one problem after another, so much time and money have been thrown at this bi!#h.

I've done hella reading and asked a ton of shops and other suspension sites and forums. Asked the automotive professor at my college about the geometry of it and making it all kosher and line up and still can't get it right or even close.

In order to fit the LS in the engine bay, a new low profile oil pan, rerouting the lines on the steering rack (dodge oem) and making new motor mounts on the frame, modifying the exhaust and re routing, and lowering and moving back the sway bar mount brackets for transmission clearance.

The headache is that I had to lower the steering rack mounts about 1- 1/4" to make enough clearance for the lines under the already low profile oil pan. Another important thing to add is that I ride on 24's, with a low profile tire and an offset that most people can't figure out how I made it work. I'M A GIRL, I WORK ON CARS... I BUILT IT AND MY PLATE READS "HRZNTHZ".

My rack being lowered an inch and a half and having to use drop brackets for sway bar, and cutting out the crossmember that is at the rear of the subframe and welding it back in about 2 inches lower, has my front tires being devoured on the outer tread in about 3 weeks. I had toe in issues, got that figured out and adjusted. But the amount of camber is still killing me. I can't put the rack back in it's normal mounting position, so don't ask or say that's my only option. I just got all four control arm alignment pins and replaced all the bushings with new batwing bushings and have them extended out to attempt to get more negative camber to compensate all the positive, but it's still not enough.

Should I adjust the mounting holes for the upper control arm, and which way should I move it? For some reason I don't think it's supposed to be lowered, I feel like it needs to be moved out towards the tire instead of in towards the engine. But my problem is what then about the control arms? Do they need to be mounted lower down as well?

Any ideas at this point would be so much appreciated.
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