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howdy, ive been having some issues with my 05 r/t. recently seems like its been down on power and it just developed a stutter or misfire during acceleration. happens off and on at around 35-45% throttle and mostly from first to second gear, had it do it once just putting along in 4th as well. no codes or lights yet, kinda weird.

I thought it may have been the transmission at first, it would jar the whole car when it would act up, almost felt like the tranny was slipping or doing something odd. took it into the dealer for a tranny service just to make sure, needed to be done anyway. on my way out of the dealer it stumbled again....didn't fix it

so did a lot of searchin around on here, came across a lot of people complaining about the same sort of issues, saw that a bad egr valve could cause very similar after a couple hour battle putting in another egr valve (third one ive put in btw) still acting up.

also read that a lot of people had problems with the crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor going. seems like this might solve my problems, just picked up both parts for about $65....just worried about spending all that time putting these things in and still havin a problem.

any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance guys!
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