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There is nothing that cranks me more than a light bulb loose in a socket but you have to spend 3 hours removing dash panels to do 10 seconds of fix.
This awful engineering failure with the turn signal is like a stick in the eye…start by pulling it out. You cannot correct the simple but dumb design but you can make it function better than buying another awful designed part to replace your broken awful designed part.
When doing this fix, notice the amount of ‘shear’ force being exerted on this little plastic tab that is the cause of all your problems.

  1. Release the steering column lock and pull steering wheel full out (up down position of wheel and seat position to your comfort while doing this fix)
  2. Center steering wheel.
  3. Remove negative battery terminal
  4. With a #10 ¼ drive socket and small extension, remove the 2 bolts from behind the steering wheel spokes that hold the air bag in position.
  5. Be cool here…do not pull or get carried away. Gently move the air bag assembly around and get acquainted with the wire layout.
  6. There are 3 connection to the air bag, (1) horn (2 and 3) air bag.
  7. The horn connection is confusing…find the little release tab (small and a position not readily apparent).
  8. With your thumb and fore finger on the air bag connections, roll your fingers under the connections and they will ‘pop’ right off.
  9. Release the air bag wire retainer from the securing stud protruding from the air bag assembly
  10. Remove air bag assembly and place to the side.
  11. Take mental note all the wires going in different directions. Group them all together so they will pass through the opening in the wheel assembly. These wires are part of the ‘clock spring’ assembly and come out with the ‘clock spring’ assembly (THE CAUSE OF ALL THIS).
  12. Insert a hex driver into the steering wheel fastening bolt along with a long break bar (the long brake bar is not for all the mechanical advantage but to take the fatigue from the job so your tools do not fly out of your hands causing plastic dash damage when the bolt SNAPS loose). NOTE: hold the steering wheel with one hand and the hex wrench with the other and pull inward so when the bolt SNAPS loose, all entrained energy (of your shoulders) is absorbed and cancel each other as your hands will smack together (KEY).
  13. Rock loose steering wheel while guiding wires through access in the casting (BE COOL HERE) DO NOT get carried away, this is delicate stuff. Place steering wheel to the side.
  14. You are now looking at the ‘clock spring’ (CS), the cause of all this. Note the 3 small torks screws holding the CS (you may have to rotate the CS top cover slightly to expose the screws but DO NOT…DO NOT…DO NOT ROTATE THE CS more than needed to access the bolts and DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get curious about how a CS operates and fool with it. These are unforgiving devices. Once out of center position or over traveled…it is all over for the CS. I can explain how a CS works and how it does its job but…who cares.
  15. Remove the 3 torks
  16. The CS is now loose and ready to remove however there are internal tabs on the ID of the CS that hold the CS in a center position. These tabs require a force to overcome their tension so to remove the CS. With both hands, place your fingers under the outer diameter of the CS (loose little guy isn’t it) and roll your fingers under the outer edge. Be cool here…the CS will pop and startle you. DO NOT get carried away here…STOP and get acquainted with the CS position and how it moves in its mounting position.
  17. Gently wiggle the CS straight out noting the contact tower coming out of the steering column cavity.
  18. With CS removed, there will be a small plastic tab laying in a channel where the multy-function switch turn signal cancel arm is located, retrieve it.
  19. Tape the CS in its position however; the protruding torks screws will hold it in place if the screws were not fully removed.
  20. Note how the tab fits on to the CS…there is our work!!!
  21. Dry fit this tab in place and get comfortable on the centering and position of this tab, it MUST be reattached square and straight.
  22. Do not be tempted to use super glue or reattach thermally…it WILL NOT HOLD. This tab must be reattached with a methodology better than the original BAD design. The force exerted on this tab by the turn signal canceller exceeds the shear strength of the tab so our fix MUST add more shear strength.
  23. Procure a good 2 part - 5 minute epoxy glue DO NOT use JB Weld (JB has little shear strength).
  24. Mix the epoxy (little is needed). Us a tooth pick as an applicator.
  25. Apply epoxy sparingly to the broken edge of the tab and put in place.
  26. While holding the tab in position, apply epoxy around the break and fill in the grooves of the tab and CS body with the epoxy. If you apply to much epoxy in the ID of the CS, the CS will not fit around the steering shaft. Too much is actually to your advantage because THIS IS THE AREA THAT NEEDS STRENGTH. If you do apply to much simply and CARFULLY open the ID to round with a rat-tail file and BE COOL HERE FOLKS.
  27. Hold this tab in position for about 1 minute (its been 2 minutes for you to apply the epoxy so after holding for 1 minute your 3 minutes into the 5 minute set), it will stand on its own
  28. Go have a beer or 2 but get away and leave the CS along for about an hour, don’t get your underwear around your neck and think you’re done. If you don’t wait you will simply wish you had.
  29. Dry fit the CS, if it doesn’t fall back into position and wiggle around like it did during removal, remove the CS and view the dimensions. The ID must be round and if not, rat-tail file but BE COOL with the force the file exerts on the CS. The contact tower is point of contention, feel the contacts insert smoothly as the CS SNAPS into position (a good feeling)
  30. When it fits…it fits. Now reverse everything you just did to disassemble to this point.
  31. Now all together, STOP. It’s 11pm go to bed…do not turn the wheel to see if it works…it works but walk away and let the epoxy strength to maximum overnight. GO TO BED!!
  32. Wake up the next morning with big huge 8 year old Christmas eyes and go out and sit in you lovely Magnum and set the turn signal and watch it cancel…RA. You are now DONE!!
  33. Go get wife and show here your great work
  34. Wife will immediately reward you with a huge kiss and bacon and eggs for breakfast…you ARE mister completely.
  35. Life is good now stop all this fixing broken crap and go out and beat you HEMI a little (1 smile deserves another)
  36. I hope this helps you.
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